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diy cane bed

I’m coming at you with a different type of post today, but one I’m so excited to share: a DIY cane bed.

DIY Cane Bed |

Most of the time I share food and recipes, but I also love interior design. Since we moved out of our tiny one-bedroom apartment (but basically studio, since the doors to the bedroom were glass) and into our two-bedroom apartment, I have been struggling with what to do with the extra bedroom. I loved having open space to do yoga or YouTube exercise videos when I didn’t feel like running outside, but I knew that wasn’t the best use of the space. (more…)

christmas home tour and a baby shower

I hope you all had a merry merry Christmas (or a happy Hanukkah)! We had the most wonderful day, and one of the best Christmases we have had. Earlier in December I hosted a baby shower for two beautiful friends who are due in January and February. It was a great reason to get my Christmas decorations up early, which allowed us to host many people throughout the season. Below are a few pictures of our home and a few from the baby shower set-up.

Christmas Home Tour |

Christmas Home Tour |

Christmas Home Tour |

This little scene below is in our powder room and I laugh every time I go in there. We got the little cab from NYC earlier this year to use as an ornament on our tree (we get an ornament from each place we travel), but it ended up being the perfect addition to the bottle brush tree farm ;). It is difficult to tell in this photo, but the black frame is around a mirror and the back wall is reflected in the mirror. My mom and I recently wallpapered our powder room and I love seeing it when I open the door, with or without the winter scene.

Christmas Home Tour |

Christmas Home Tour |

Christmas Home Tour |

Both mamas-to-be moved into new houses earlier this year, so to incorporate this time in their lives, I made gingerbread houses modeled after their new homes with little gingerbread storks in the front yards. They made great decorations for the party and were a special favor for the women to take home to share with their spouses.

Christmas Home Tour |

Christmas Home Tour |

Christmas Home Tour |

There was no shortage of food at the party, sweet or savory. The menu I used is below, with recipes linked where possible.

-Rosemary spiced nuts (from Foster’s Southern Kitchen cookbook)
-Mini chocolate chip scones
-Mini quiches (from Trader Joe’s)
-Butternut squash dip (I usually make this dip with goat cheese, as the recipe states, but with pregnant women in mind for the shower I swaped a mixture of cream cheese and parmesan cheese for the goat cheese)
-Caramelized onion tartlets (from Foster’s Southern Kitchen cookbook – I swapped out gruyere cheese for the goat cheese in this recipe as well)
-Doughnut holes (brought by a friend)
-Gingerbread onesies (my dad 3D printed a cookie cutter for me, but there are lots of onesie cookie cutters on Etsy)

Christmas Home Tour |

Christmas Home Tour |

Christmas Home Tour |

I hope everyone has a relaxing end to 2016 and the holiday season and a great start to 2017! Happy New Year!

7 thanksgiving table setting ideas

Thanksgiving is only two weeks away (how did that happen?!!!!) and it is time to start planning and prepping, especially if you have “friendsgiving” celebrations before that! I am excited about some of the posts that will be coming between now and turkey day, and about the posts in the weeks to follow that. I try not to get too excited about Christmas before Thanksgiving comes, but sometimes knowing Christmas is coming is what I cling to when I feel stressed in November. So, these pre-Thanksgiving posts will hopefully help limit stress and help us focus on Thanksgiving as a day for family, gratitude and of course, food.

Today we have lots of options for how to prepare your table. Whether it is your first time hosting the food-centric holiday, your third time hosting your friendsgiving celebration, or your 30th time hosting the whole extended family, there are Thanksgiving table setting ideas for everyone. I think my favorite table setting is the “Rustic Elegance” one, but I love a good transferware plate too.

Most, if not all of these use greenery as their centerpiece, some mixed with flowers, fruits, vegetables or candles (or a combination). To keep costs down, gather greenery from plants around your yard. In a pinch, Trader Joe’s sells greenery for $2-$3! Easy and budget-friendly.

A tip, if you are hosting Thanksgiving and using a different table than your everyday kitchen table, you can set the table in advance, which will give you one less thing to worry about when dinner is ready and family is buzzing.

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas - Silver Metallic
Silver Metallics

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas - Gold Metallic
Gold Metallics

Thanksgiving Table Ideas - Dark Modern

Dark Modern

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas - Natural Neutrals
Natural Neutrals

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas - Traditional Reds
Traditional Reds

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas - Rustic Elegance

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas - Rustic Elegance
Rustic Elegance

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas - Turkey Transferware
Turkey Transferware

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What is your favorite Thanksgiving table setting?

7 ways to update your home for fall on a budget

I don’t get excited about spring and summer decorations, but when fall and Christmas roll around, I’m totally on board. I love the colors and textures of the season and the cozy feeling of wrapping up in a blanket with a candle burning after I come inside from a crisp evening. Growing up my dad worked from home one day a week, and on those Tuesdays in the fall I always looked forward to the smell of mulling spices and a mug of hot apple cider when I came home from school. Those warm, spiced scents are an integral part of fall to me, and are easy and inexpensive to keep on hand. Below are 7 ways to update your home for fall, without spending a lot of money.

1. Add a vase of birch branches, branches with changing leaves, or branches covered in berries to your coffee table or dining table. You can often get these at Trader Joe’s, Pottery Barn, Michaels, or right outside!

7 ways to update your home for fall | Pass the Cookies

2. Fill a small bowl with mini pumpkins (white, orange, grey, a combo, whatever you like!) or add a few mini pumpkins around your bookshelves and side tables.

7 ways to update your home for fall | Pass the Cookies

7 ways to update your home for fall | Pass the Cookies

3. Swap some of your regular pillows for some fall-colored pillows or more textured pillows. I added burnt orange velvet pillows to the mix on my sofa and the whole room instantly felt more seasonal! It is crazy how color and texture really makes a difference in the room.

7 ways to update your home for fall | Pass the Cookies

4. Add a blanket or a blanket scarf to the sofa and the foot of your bed. I love chunky knit blankets for fall and the texture of a luxe “fur” blanket for really cozy days, but I have also found that in a pinch those fall blanket scarves work well too – and are probably something you already have!

7 ways to update your home for fall | Pass the Cookies

5. Decorate with nature. Fill a large bowl with pinecones and acorns and bring the outdoor fall scenes inside! My mom used to sprinkle cinnamon all over the pinecones, which always made me want to sit next to the decorations :).

6. Add some gold, copper or brass to your coffee table, kitchen or bar cart to bring some warmth to the area. The gold and copper tones mimic the colors of the leaves outside and are an easy way to incorporate fall tones into your kitchen or living area.

7 ways to update your home for fall | Pass the Cookies

7 ways to update your home for fall | Pass the Cookies

7. Burn a candle, essential oil, or some mulling spices and apple cider on the stove. Even if you don’t do anything else to your decor, the whole house will smell like fall and can trick everyone into thinking you made fall updates. For a really inexpensive home scent, keep your orange peels, apple cores (or overripe apples), throw them in a pot of water with cloves, cinnamon sticks and fresh ginger and boil. You can also use a crockpot for this and leave it on low with the top off!

7 ways to update your home for fall | Pass the Cookies

7 ways to update your home for fall | Pass the Cookies

How do you decorate for fall?

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staycation with crane & canopy

I love being productive on my weekends, but sometimes I don’t feel refreshed, relaxed or ready to go for the work week if I have been really busy traveling, running errands, or doing home projects all weekend. When Will was on his surgery rotations his schedule was packed with hospital time, and not much time outside of the hospital. He typically had to work 6 days a week, which made weekend trips difficult throughout the summer. Instead of trying to squeeze in a day trip during the rare weekend days he had off, we decided to embrace the time we had at home and in our town and have mini staycations. Below are our tips to a great staycation!

Sleep in and spend a relaxing morning in bed.
One of the best parts of the days was the intentionally relaxed morning. I love curling up under fresh white sheets and a puffy duvet and drinking my morning tea in bed while browsing my favorite blogs or flipping through a good magazine. I picked out a new upholstered headboard for our bedroom this summer and have loved being able to make the bed and have the neutral background against our white bedding. The morning light that streams into our bedroom windows makes everything look so peaceful and is one of my favorite parts about staying in bed a little longer on those mornings. If we are both awake, I will bring up Will’s coffee or make a special tea latte to really enjoy the staycation and slowly sip our hot caffeinated drinks together.

Staycation with Crane & Canopy | Pass the Cookies

Check out the local offerings.
After a leisurely morning in bed, we head to the farmers’ market. We live near our local farmers’ market and try to walk there whenever we get the chance. On a regular weekend we walk around the market and mostly look at the beautiful fruits, veggies, flowers and fresh breads. One of our favorite vendors currently has tempting sweet potato and maple doughnuts that are hard to resist, and since it was a staycation we decided to give in ;) (more…)

upholstered headboards

Ever since we moved I have been on the lookout for headboard ideas. In our last apartment, the only place our bed fit was in front of the only window in the bedroom. I have always loved upholstered headboards, and knew I eventually wanted one for our bed, but I didn’t want to block the only natural light in the room, so we went headboardless. Now that we are in a different space, our bed is against a wall and is in much need of a headboard.

Upholstered Headboards - The Everygirl Alaina Upholstered Headboard

In high school and college my parents and I made upholstered headboards for my bed at home and my bed in my college apartment, and for my sister’s bed. Once you have the materials and know what you want it to look like, making an upholstered headboard really is not that difficult, but there are also some great deals on headboards out there if you aren’t crafty or if you don’t have space and materials to make your own.

Upholstered Headboads - SMP Upholstered Headboard

Upholstered Headboard - SMP Emily Henderson Upholstered Headboard

After lots of pinning and looking at online home tours, I still feel like I have too many ideas in mind before we buy or make a headboard. Should we get one that is rectangular or has some curves? Do we want one that is tufted or not tufted? Wings or no wings, and if yes wings, is the widest part at the top or bottom? Nail heads or no nail heads? The one thing I think I have decided on is the color, neutral, which can still vary widely. There are so many decisions and a headboard is so large that I really feel like I need to love it and commit to what I choose for a long time. I have found a few that I like that are linked below, and maybe someday soon I will figure out which one I want.

Upholstered Headboard - Pink Peonies Upolstered Headboard

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oriental rug roundup

Recently I have been on an interior decor Pinterest kick.  After living in our small space for a year and a half, without much room for redecorating, I love finding images of beautiful homes filled with ideas to use in the future.  I can’t wait until we can implement some of these ideas in our own place, but for now, gathered pictures on the internet will do.

beautiful oriental rugs always make a room better

As I was looking through my decor pins recently, I noticed a trend that carried throughout different rooms: the oriental rug.  Persian, Turkish, woven, Kilim, I love them all!  I have gathered a few of my favorite rug pins here for a little inspiration.  I love how well they pair with whites, woods, golds and pops of color (like the teal wall toward the bottom).  Growing up, we always had an oriental rug in the kitchen and now my mom has a few throughout the house.  The rugs are fairly similar, but they give a different feeling to each room.  Will and I now have a beautiful oriental rug in one corner of our apartment that was a flea market find by my mom.  It is fairly hidden by the desk and bookshelf in our small space- I can’t wait to showcase it in a more open area in our next home.