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It’s Friday and it’s Summer so what are we all doing on the computer? Let’s get out and get working on that Summer bucket list! I’m ready!

link love 6.23.2017


Until then though, here’s some link love to brighten your day.

As I was just saying, it’s Friday and it’s summer. Summer Fridays are apparently all the rage – can we all jump on that train? My favorite quote from this article: ““It’s not like people are really killing it at 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon in the middle of the summer.”

After spending many hours flying to California and back a few weekends ago, I loved this funny article about unwritten airplane etiquette.  Sharing a very small space with a bunch of strangers as you are all trying to be comfortable in the stale recirculating air – planes are a funny place.

I recently came across this tradition and think it sounds so fun! We currently use a small table that has been passed down for almost (maybe more than) 100 years now. It was my great grandparents and was passed down to my grandparents, then my parents (we used it as our arts and crafts table growing up), and now to Will and me. It is already filled with memories and love, but imagine if every guest who had come to all of those houses had participated in this tradition!

All my fellow Type-As out there, this one is for you. I love Carly’s post on how to go with the flow when you are Type A. As I was reading it I found myself nodding over and over again at her points and tips. This is absolutely me. As a Type A person, I have a hard time going with the flow, but I want to be able to, for my sake and for the sake of those around me. I have my own strategies that help me try to go with the flow (as only a Type A would) and I love that this post shares even more.

Sometimes I think Lilly Pulitzer can be a little over the top and jarring, but this Lilly Pulitzer suite at Watch Hill Inn is so fun for a beachside hotel room. And when is a more appropriate time to post about Lilly than in the first few days of summer?

Have a wonderful warm weekend, everyone! Let’s have some summer fun!

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It’s Friday (and national doughnut day at that)! Sometimes short weeks get me all confused. My days are all off and every day this week has felt like a different day of the week, but not necessarily in order. My brain is very confused, but hey, it’s almost the weekend! We’re avoiding the news and focusing on some link love because covfefe and climate change are both terrifying right now (and in case we need a reminder, let’s take a look back at the “Antarctica is Melting” link from last week).

Moving on, this list of the best romcoms is enticing as the weekend approaches. There are so many on that list that I haven’t seen, but I agree that the one’s I recognize should be on the list. What are your favorites? I’m always up for a good romcom.

My to-do list this weekend includes “buy sunscreen,” among other errands. New York City beach goers may be able to remove that from their list this year. The Parks Department has organized a pilot program of free sunscreen dispensers at city beaches this summer. We already have hand sanitizer dispensers all over, why not sunscreen? Reapply, reapply, reapply.

As we head into the weekend, here is a tip to make yours feel longer: try new things! I read this article earlier this week and then heard something similar on the radio this morning. Maybe that’s a sign that I’m not trying enough new things. Hmmm.

I love some good science of baking explanations, or just helpful answers to baking faqs. Joy has that down pat. Salted butter, gluten free wizardry, cookie troubleshooting, flour on flour on flour, buttermilk…whyyyy? You name it, she answers it. It’s good information for anyone to know.

Enjoy your weekend – I hope it’s beautiful for you!

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Happy Friday, friends! It is the start of a long weekend and I’m so excited to spend it with friends and family! What are you doing for the holiday weekend?

link love 5.26.2017


With all of the busyness in the past few weeks, we haven’t caught up on our link love in a while. We will remedy that today :)

With a name like “Pass the Cookies,” you know I’m a fan of the classic chocolate chip cookie. Last year, I pulled out all the stops for a March Madness: Chocolate Chip Cookie Edition. I am loving this chocolate chip cookie guide that tells you all you need to know about how your chocolate chip cookies will turn out if you alter the ingredients or ingredient amounts. Since my ultimate chocolate chip cookie post, I have made even a few more variations and would love to do another face-off. Do you have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe I should include?

In the past few weeks, I caught the wanderlust bug hard. I have a list of trip itineraries that I constantly add notes to when I see a great post or article that pertains to a location or site on the itinerary. My hope is that when I eventually go on these trips I will have most of the research and planning done, besides booking tickets, rooms, etc. So far I have been doing this to curb my wanderlust, but I’m not sure if it isn’t just making me want to take these trips more and more. I love this new travel planning series that Julia and Thomas have started. Though my itinerary spreadsheets have a few more columns, I loved seeing the similarities between their example itinerary and mine. My tip for anyone planning their own trip: if you are traveling in a group, add a “name” column to your spreadsheet so you can make sure everyone can check off at least one item on their list. This makes it more fair and fun for everyone, and you get to see things you may not have thought to include on your list!

One of my favorite things that happened in the past few weeks was the launch of the new Simplified Planners. Let me start by saying that this is not sponsored at all. I don’t have a Simplified Planner and didn’t purchase one when they released last week, so you might be wondering why I am so excited about it. As you can tell from my ramble above about traveling, I am a planner to my core. I have a planner on my desk at work, I tote one to and from home, I have a giant calendar on my office wall, and I use Google calendar and iCal. I love the crisp, clean design of Emily Ley’s products, and the thought and detail that goes into them to make them as useful as possible. I am planning on getting the “Weekly Gold Pineapple” when the calendar year editions come out in September (can you say, Christmas present?), but until then, I love using these free printable resources!

Moving on to more serious matters, Antarctica is melting. Climate change is real. These interactive articles are really well done and create a great (horrible) visual of what our emissions are doing to Antarctica and the coastlines (hint: the ice is melting, the coasts are flooding).

Do you have a side hustle? This article on millennial women earning money from their side hustles is interesting. If pay was more equal, would women still have side jobs at the same rate or would they continue to pursue them at the same rate because they find enjoyment in them? Hmm.

To end on a light note, watch Emma Watson act as Belle alongside Dan Stevens in a grey marshmallow suit and moon shoes for the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie. Hilarious.

Thank you to all those who serve or have served our country. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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I hope you had a relaxing, refreshing weekend that prepared you for a great week ahead. We spent the weekend with lots of family preparing for and attending my cousin’s rehearsal dinner and beautiful wedding. Since my large extended family comes from all edges and corners of the country, we don’t all get to see each other very often, so it is wonderful when everyone comes together for a wedding. I love getting to see all of the family, and I always find myself wishing these wedding weekends would last longer.

link love 4.11.2017
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As we dive deeper into the week, here is some link love to inspire (or distract) you.

Do you remember your first apartment out of college? Ours was 550 square feet, made of cinderblocks and single-paned windows, and in the middle of a floodplain. We hung a gallery wall with command strips, attached curtain rods to the ceiling, and came ¼” away from having all of our belongings underwater. Despite some of these not-so-wonderful aspects, we still have lots of great memories from our first little apartment. I wish I had known these six tips when I was looking for an apartment right out of college. I’ll add another tip to the list: don’t live in a floodplain, no matter how long they say it will be until the next flood.

I don’t typically follow golf, but I’ll take the pimento cheese and biscuits that surround the southern Masters Tournament watch parties. These photos from the weekend evoke the emotions and excitement around the tournament and the new green-coat clad winner.

You have likely read or heard about the Pepsi ad starring Kendall Jenner that was pulled last week. The SNL skit portraying the filming of the ad is funny, but also shows how easily the terrible ad could have been prevented. The ad world had a lot to say about it too.

As a self-proclaimed pie lover and a home baker, I love this interview with sister bakers Emily and Melissa Elsen of Four and Twenty Blackbirds pie shop. I have mentioned their cookbook before, and love their unique recipes. If you are looking for a delicious pie for this weekend, their lemon sour cream pie would be a wonderful Easter dessert.

I didn’t do as well on my goal of reading 10 minutes a day last month as I did in February. I think this was in part because I started my third non-fiction, self-help-type book and just got tired of the genre. This list of 20 great fiction books is inspiring me to pick on up and get back into the habit of reading every day. Do you have any recommendations?

Have a productive and fulfilling week, friends!

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Here we are, throwing some link love at an unsuspecting Monday. Sometimes life happens and we just have to go along with it. So, instead of bringing some relaxation to your weekend, I hope these links can bring some joy to your Monday.

link love 4.3.2017

For the first order of business, happy national championship day to my fellow Tar Heels! I’m both extremely excited and super nervous. Let’s go Heels!!! :)

“Sorry for the delayed response!” This post on what people actually want to say when they haven’t responded to you in a while is hilarious. We’ve all been on one end of that.

I started watching The Crown on Netflix last night and was intrigued by this article about the “secret” plan for when Queen Elizabeth passes. I love historical and historical fiction books and shows. Even if the plotline and details aren’t exactly correct I love seeing what life would have been like at the time and learning insights into historically (and currently) powerful families.

As you can probably tell from this blog, I love to bake. This article explains and confirms the psychological reasons why.

Did you see the Love, Actually reunion short for Red Nose Day? Thoughts? It made me want to go watch Love, Actually again, and it’s not even Christmastime.

I have been loving this warm spring weather and the few flowers and trees that are blooming here, but it has also made me want to travel somewhere where the blooms are already in full swing. These pretty Savannah photos have almost convinced me to make the trip.

Happy Monday! I hope it’s a good one!

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Well friends, we’re headed into the weekend. As I just told you about 10 ways to increase happiness, I can’t help but be frustrated and saddened by tonight’s ACC tournament game outcome. To help my mood I am planning my weekend and making to-do lists. Isn’t that the normal way to cope?

link love 3.10.2017



Before we dive into what is shaping up to be a cold weekend here (but gorgeous and warm in some parts of the country), let’s look at some link love from the week.

Let’s take a look at a happier, but maybe no less contentious, bracket – the Southern food tournament bracket. I voted, filled out my own bracket and am anxiously waiting for the round of 32 next week. Mac and cheese has my vote all the way to the championship, but it has to battle with pound cake for the title. What are your choices!?

Beauty and the Beast comes out next week and I have been eating up all of the behind the scenes features. If you haven’t seen it yet, the behind the scenes video will make you even more excited to see the movie.

Related, Emma Watson on her beauty routine and not covering her freckles in Beauty and the Beast.

This article on random acts of kindness goes well with this week’s post on how to increase happiness. We have all heard of the ol’ pay for the person behind you at the coffee shop, but some of these ideas are unique and lovely.

Last, but not least, I love this idea of a brown bag wine tasting party. It sounds like such a fun party and a great way to chat with friends while learning more about your (and your friends’) tastes in wine.

Have a lovely weekend! Spring forward is bringing longer days (yay!), but don’t forget to set your alarms!

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The last few days have been gorgeously sunny and warm in North Carolina. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the warm weather in the middle of February, but as much as I fear for the melting planet, I do find joy in the sunshine unexpected warmer temperatures. I hope you have time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air this weekend, wherever you are.

link love 2.25.2017

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We are kicking off link love this week with one of my favorite childhood subjects: American Girl dolls. American Girl recently introduced a boy doll, Logan Everett. While this is a great step for the more contemporary dolls, the historic American Girl dolls will always have a place in my heart. Growing up, I read almost all of the historic American Girl doll stories and always loved learning how girls my age lived through different times in US history. Reading about American Girl (and now boy) dolls brings me back to such wonderful memories and I hope the company can keep expanding and improving.

As someone who is still early in their career, I always like hearing advice from older people with established careers. These six female executives give advice they wish they had gotten when they were starting their careers. I’m storing this information up for myself now, and constantly wondering what advice I will be able to give younger people later.

Why don’t avocados come with these stickers?! They would be so helpful!

Mardi Gras is this Tuesday and these three bread puddings are looking pretty perfect for the indulgent holiday. The chocolate version calls for dark chocolate and cocoa powder in place of butter. How can you go wrong with that? I may accidentally buy an extra loaf of bread tomorrow when I’m grocery shopping ;)

The beautiful weather this week combined with some long work hours makes these words speak to me even more than usual. Go outside and pay attention to what is around you. Get away from technology and enjoy your surroundings. That’s exactly what I want to do today.

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend, friends. Make it beautiful.

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After a productive week, I’m ready to head into a beautiful, warm, relaxing weekend. Life is so busy right now that I feel like I’m playing catch-up or get-ahead, rather than enjoying the moment. I know I’ll be doing some preparation this weekend, but here’s hoping it is fun and allows for some time to rest and recover from lots of long days.

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Let’s start by curling up with some link love!

I’m pretending this is what I’m doing this week – finishing my work week on Thursday. In a way I did, but not because I followed the advice in this article, because I worked on Saturday and Sunday last week. Not exactly what this article says to do, but wouldn’t ending the work week on Thursday be wonderful?! Someday I will do that.

This illustration on growth.

There are a lot of marches and political actions going on in our country. If you want to get involved, but don’t know how, this is a great post on 10 ways to get involved with issues that matter to you.

I love these words about choosing love over hate. Speak from love, not fear, not anger and not hate. Love wins.

Earlier this week, photographer Lucy Cuneo released a new series of photographs in her shop and they are absolutely beautiful. I have visited the site at least 3 times a day to admire the gorgeous flowers and the crisp, bright shots. They just make me so happy! :)

Happy weekending! I hope yours is wonderful!

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Welcome to the weekend! Do you have fun plans? My weekend is packed to the gills with work and family. This is one of those go-go-go times when everything needs to be done and there is no time to do all of it. Things like grocery shopping fall to the wayside on these types of weekends, but we have gotten pretty good at scouring the fridge ;) Do what you gotta do and keep plugging! Here’s to a few moments of relaxation and some fun times mixed in this weekend!

link love 2.10.2017

For your weekend morning reading in bed on your tablet, phone, or laptop, here is some link love from the week.

We started the new year off by organizing and cleaning closets, and have been on such a kick that when spring cleaning comes around hopefully everything will be easier. I’m still stocking up on advice to make the cleaning process more efficient (don’t worry, I’m reading Mari Kondo soon), and love these tips on how to spring clean your apartment without losing your mind.

Hindsight is always 20-20. I always find myself looking back at things that made my stress levels skyrocket in college and high school, and even just a few years ago in my jobs, and wish I could go back and tell my younger self what is worth the stress and worry and what to do to get where I want to be. I love these “words of advice to my younger self” from so many great women.

On a slightly similar topic, I have found that my mood can be totally affected by one or two things that happen during the day. I have to remind myself of all of the good things that happened that outweigh those few frustrations in order to not slump into a bad mood. Can we change our mood set point? I am so interested to try this.

This make me laugh out loud. It is hilarious.

I have always loved Reese Witherspoon. I used to watch Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama with friends growing up and I’m pretty sure I know all of the words to the Sweet Home Alabama soundtrack because we would listen to it on repeat. Not only does she now have an amazing new clothing and home line (I mean, look at this fun tee and this perfectly Carolina cake plate), she started a production company to turn books with strong, complex, powerful female protagonists into films (think Wild, Gone Girl, etc). You go girl!

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Here we are. It is Friday again – the first one of February. It seems like as each week passes, more and more news comes out that we never saw coming. It seems silly not to bring it up, but I do think we need cheerful things to brighten the days that could otherwise slowly but surely drag us down. Let’s make it a good Friday today.

link love 2.3.2017


I joke with Will that the most valuable invention to me would be a machine that I can step in and it would give me a shower, wash my face, and brush my teeth all at the same time. I usually rave about this wondrous machine when I am exhausted after going in too many directions all day and don’t want to have to spend the time to do all of those things individually. We have this idea that we need to be involved, work hard in our jobs, stay in touch with friends, spend time with our families, exercise, make healthy home cooked meals, and on and on. How do we prioritize when everything seems important?! I have been reading the book Grace, Not Perfection, which does a great job of explaining that we don’t have to be perfect at everything we do. Like this book and this article both say, pick a few and manage them well- we don’t have to do it all!

North Carolina has not been in the national news for positive reasons recently, but this teacher changed that this week. He created individualized handshakes for each of his 5th grade students and the video went viral! It is really impressive and shows how impactful teachers can be in students lives, in the classroom and outside of it.

The big news in pop culture this week was Beyonce announcing her twin pregnancy in a very Beyonce photoshoot, including underwater photos and photos of the star surrounded by flowers in Garden of Eden-esque scenery.

I keep coming back to these cupcakes, which means I should probably make them. Cardamom + brown butter? Sounds irresistible.

Red state, blue city is all too true in North Carolina, and in so many other states. Compromising is difficult when people don’t understand how others live and think, but we have to get there somehow.

Happy happy Friday!!! I hope your weekend is wonderful!

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