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Another August weekend is here and it already feels like the month is flying by! It is a very full month for us, at work for me and with a new semester starting for Will, in addition to all of the weekend weddings and travel we have on the agenda. Most of it is good and exciting, but it can be easy to look at the calendar and get overwhelmed. Instead, I’m focusing on the fun and happy times we will have at each calendar item. Instead of feeling the overwhelm from having so many things packed into one month, it allows me to feel the love and excitement that come with each wedding, road trip, family gathering, friend meet-up, and back-to-school event. Perspective is a wonderful thing.

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Below is some of link love for you as you head into your weekend. Let’s enjoy it.

Boden’s new arrivals are AMAZING! I got the catalogue in the mail yesterday and earmarked almost every page. The shoes and this tweed skirt are some of my favorites.

I always like hearing about people’s routines. It is like an intimate sneak peek into their lives, but one that has the potential to improve my routines and life as well. This article on how seven female leaders spend their first hour at work is interesting. The most interesting part is that there are clearly many ways to spend this first hour for a productive day ahead, rather than one pattern they all follow. One of the biggest take-aways that all of them seem to do? Don’t respond to email first thing – do other tasks first.

A few weeks ago I posted a link about the National Geographic Photographer of the Year awards. The winners are in and the photos are amazing. I love reading the captions to learn more about the subject or how the photographer got the shot. Some of the stories make the photograph even more special.

Do you have plans to watch the solar eclipse?! I keep hearing about how awesome it will be and how seeing it will be a memory we have for life, but it’s hard to imagine that. This interactive map is really cool. It shows you what the eclipse will look like from your zip code and where in the US the eclipse can be seen.

When people post a photo of their food on instagram, the first thing we often want to know is, where can I get that, or what is in that. Computer scientists have created an app and a machine learning process that can analyze the photo you are looking at and give you the ingredients and recipe to make it. Crazy!

Happy weekending, everyone!

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It’s almost the weekend – we’re so close! I hope you have all had a wonderful week and are heading into the weekend full of joy! I’m going on a girls trip with my mom and sister and I’m super excited. We have taken many family trips, but in the 22+ years that we have had together, my mom, sister and I have never gone on a trip with just the three of us. Besides just being together and chatting up a storm, we have plans for yoga, wine tastings, and decorating, so naturally I think it will be wonderful :)

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Here is a little bit of link love to enjoy as you sail into your weekend and soak up the August sun.

I have talked about this before in another link love, but having a routine, or at least a plan, is key for me. I still want to enjoy adventures that are not in my plan or routine and make sure I have some time for creativity. I love this post about finding wildness within routine.

Something about looking into someone’s pantry or seeing what occupies someone’s desk can feel exciting and sneaky. I sometimes feel nosy, but my curious side really wants to take a peek into these pseudo-secret spaces. This “desk obsessed” series is so wonderful because it invites you to see what is on the desks of successful business women, shop owners, and designers. It satisfies my curiosity without feeling off-limits and inspires me to include beautiful and useful things in my own workspace. I can’t wait to see the other featured ladies and their desks.

It is always interesting to me when local news makes national headlines. These stories feel so small because we hear about them on local radio, make jokes about them with friends, and could easily pinpoint all of the locations on a map, but I’m reminded that a more than week-long power outage of a long portion of the North Carolina Outer Banks is big news. We are lucky to have both great beaches and beautiful mountains so close by in our state, and I’m sad that so many businesses had to go for a beautiful week without power or customers in this peak tourist season that they rely on so heavily. Without power, businesses closed, and because businesses closed, lots of workers went without money for the week. Power was returned yesterday and the islands opened to tourists today, but businesses won’t get that week of lost money back.

Seeing younger generations and their constant interaction with smartphones is interesting to me. My generation is very different from my parent’s generation when it comes to technology and social media usage, but this next generation is increasingly different from what I experienced. “Screen time” is now a big issue, and the constant phone and social media usage by people in this generation is crazy, and is negatively impacting them. Many of them have had smartphones since middle school or early high school and have never experienced social life without one. This article is so interesting and shows that rates of depression and unhappiness have risen and directly correlate with smartphone usage. I’m guilty of having my phone with me at all times, but let’s put down the phones, talk to real live people, and forget about the fomo.

On a much lighter note, I think we all need this lavender brioche french toast for brunch this weekend. Let’s do it.

Happy weekending!

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Happy Sunday, friends! Link love is a little later than usual this week, but we still have some Sunday left to relax and enjoy the end of the weekend. The weather has been unseasonably beautiful here this weekend and we are soaking it up as much as we can before the heat and crazy humidity returns. I’m headed to a baby shower for one of my lifelong friends who I mentioned in my LA posts and I’m excited to see all of the teeny tiny things :)

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Before the weekend slips away from us, here is some link love from last week.

In case you are in the mood for an ice cream sandwich, this taste test for the best ice cream sandwich might be helpful. My favorite part is the five-year-old who gives the same opinion for every brand of ice cream sandwich: “I like these.”

How many days a week do you go without spending any money? Likely not many. Even though we try to stick to a budget, zero-dollar days are so intriguing to me. Having days where we don’t spend any money would be a challenge, but ultimately would lead to better spending habits and enlighten us to how often we make unnecessary purchases, even if they are within the budget.

On the topic of money, it interestingly didn’t make the list of the 9 motivators of millennials in the workplace. As I read this article I found myself agreeing with many of the statements and motivators. Some of them are so easy for companies to enact and don’t cost anything. As the workplace demographic shifts, I wonder how long it will take for companies to change and include some of these incentives.

The wallpaper in this home is insane. There are so many pretty patterns that are meaningful to the family. All of that wallpaper reminds me of when my mom and I installed wallpaper in a tiny powder room then swore we would never do it again.

Moving to a different kind of art, Misty Copeland, the first black woman to become principal ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre, reenacted famous ballerina paintings and sculptures by Edgar Degas for an upcoming art exhibit and the sneak peaks are amazing. The goal of the project was to bring these iconic paintings and sculptures into the 21st century, and include the body types, ethnicities, and races that are now included in the ballet world, which were not previously reflected in art because they didn’t exist as commonly in the ballet community. It is a beautiful project and I can’t wait to see the final product.

With that, have a beautiful Sunday and a great rest of your weekend!

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Happy happy Friday. This week has been so busy and so long. There are so many things I have wanted to do but didn’t have time.  I simultaneously want to do everything this weekend and just relax and not do anything at the same time because I’m exhausted. Sometimes I can’t relax until I have been productive, so the dilemma continues. I hope you can relax or be productive – whichever you desire! Or better yet (for me) both!

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Until then, let’s soak up some great link love from the week.

This guest room reveal is amazing. It makes me want to add paneling and paint every room.

People have been talking about it for weeks now, but the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened to the public today! There are some great sweaters, jeans, boots, and home decor. I grabbed these boots online and am am excited to see if they work! I love these boots too!

We have done a lot of weekend road trips this summer for weddings and family events and aren’t done yet! Despite having a lot to catch up on when we get home, experiencing new places on our road trips and seeing other people’s vacation photos makes me want to go somewhere new every weekend. I love this guide to a road trip in each state.

Speaking of going somewhere new, this is a great post about why we should try new things right where we are.

You know those epic cheeseboards that you envy all over Instagram? You can make that just from a Trader Joe’s haul, and this post will tell you how. Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places to get cheese. They have a good selection and great prices, compared to some other stores. And their snack and dried fruit selection can’t be beat, which, after the cheese, is really key for a good cheeseboard. Now I want to make a cheeseboard for dinner.

We prepped all of the ingredients for lunches and dinners this week. Substitute zucchini for carrots and this is how I felt, including the part about the beets. It took at least an hour and a half, and was worth it the rest of the week, but I won’t lie and say I didn’t want to just do something totally different than what we prepped on Thursday night. We did what was planned because we had worked so hard to prep it. On another note, did you know that those beets you chopped that dyed your hands pink for a whole day don’t release any juice after you store them in a tupperware in the fridge? That was news to me. I may stick to the cheese board next time.

Happy weekending, friends! I hope it’s a lovely one!

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Happy weekend! If you celebrated the 4th of July, I hope your short work week was wonderful! We are spending the weekend at a beautiful lake with lots of friends and I’m so excited for what the weekend has in store. I hope you have a great one!

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Here is some link love for your weekend enjoyment.

I was laughing so hard at this post. These tops are everywhere, and while I have seen a few cute ones, I feel like everytime I try on one of them I just look like I am wearing a shapeless bag. I’m sure other people have found some that actually look cute in person, rather than just on the hanger, but I’m lost.

Do you remember what we did before the internet? I remember a lot of crafts and running around with neighborhood kids. Last night, we somehow started the activity of throwing a water bottle and trying to land it right-side-up on the counter. At first it only a few people were involved, but as more and more joined we had a group of 10 people standing in a circle waiting for their turn. It reminded me of what we would do before the internet :)

I am amazed at the photos some people take with just their iPhones. The iPhone photography awards have some amazing photos with such stories behind them. It shows that we don’t always need a fancy camera, but sometimes just the camera in our pocket. Now to figure out how my phone could be capable of that…

On a similar note, if you are looking for the beauty in this world, National Geographic always amazes me. We saw some of these photos in person a few years ago and the detail is incredible!

Lastly, Bon Appetit has a rent week “category,” which is both great and hilarious. Check it out.

Happy weekend!

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It’s Friday and it’s Summer so what are we all doing on the computer? Let’s get out and get working on that Summer bucket list! I’m ready!

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Until then though, here’s some link love to brighten your day.

As I was just saying, it’s Friday and it’s summer. Summer Fridays are apparently all the rage – can we all jump on that train? My favorite quote from this article: ““It’s not like people are really killing it at 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon in the middle of the summer.”

After spending many hours flying to California and back a few weekends ago, I loved this funny article about unwritten airplane etiquette.  Sharing a very small space with a bunch of strangers as you are all trying to be comfortable in the stale recirculating air – planes are a funny place.

I recently came across this tradition and think it sounds so fun! We currently use a small table that has been passed down for almost (maybe more than) 100 years now. It was my great grandparents and was passed down to my grandparents, then my parents (we used it as our arts and crafts table growing up), and now to Will and me. It is already filled with memories and love, but imagine if every guest who had come to all of those houses had participated in this tradition!

All my fellow Type-As out there, this one is for you. I love Carly’s post on how to go with the flow when you are Type A. As I was reading it I found myself nodding over and over again at her points and tips. This is absolutely me. As a Type A person, I have a hard time going with the flow, but I want to be able to, for my sake and for the sake of those around me. I have my own strategies that help me try to go with the flow (as only a Type A would) and I love that this post shares even more.

Sometimes I think Lilly Pulitzer can be a little over the top and jarring, but this Lilly Pulitzer suite at Watch Hill Inn is so fun for a beachside hotel room. And when is a more appropriate time to post about Lilly than in the first few days of summer?

Have a wonderful warm weekend, everyone! Let’s have some summer fun!

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It’s Friday (and national doughnut day at that)! Sometimes short weeks get me all confused. My days are all off and every day this week has felt like a different day of the week, but not necessarily in order. My brain is very confused, but hey, it’s almost the weekend! We’re avoiding the news and focusing on some link love because covfefe and climate change are both terrifying right now (and in case we need a reminder, let’s take a look back at the “Antarctica is Melting” link from last week).

Moving on, this list of the best romcoms is enticing as the weekend approaches. There are so many on that list that I haven’t seen, but I agree that the one’s I recognize should be on the list. What are your favorites? I’m always up for a good romcom.

My to-do list this weekend includes “buy sunscreen,” among other errands. New York City beach goers may be able to remove that from their list this year. The Parks Department has organized a pilot program of free sunscreen dispensers at city beaches this summer. We already have hand sanitizer dispensers all over, why not sunscreen? Reapply, reapply, reapply.

As we head into the weekend, here is a tip to make yours feel longer: try new things! I read this article earlier this week and then heard something similar on the radio this morning. Maybe that’s a sign that I’m not trying enough new things. Hmmm.

I love some good science of baking explanations, or just helpful answers to baking faqs. Joy has that down pat. Salted butter, gluten free wizardry, cookie troubleshooting, flour on flour on flour, buttermilk…whyyyy? You name it, she answers it. It’s good information for anyone to know.

Enjoy your weekend – I hope it’s beautiful for you!

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Happy Friday, friends! It is the start of a long weekend and I’m so excited to spend it with friends and family! What are you doing for the holiday weekend?

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With all of the busyness in the past few weeks, we haven’t caught up on our link love in a while. We will remedy that today :)

With a name like “Pass the Cookies,” you know I’m a fan of the classic chocolate chip cookie. Last year, I pulled out all the stops for a March Madness: Chocolate Chip Cookie Edition. I am loving this chocolate chip cookie guide that tells you all you need to know about how your chocolate chip cookies will turn out if you alter the ingredients or ingredient amounts. Since my ultimate chocolate chip cookie post, I have made even a few more variations and would love to do another face-off. Do you have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe I should include?

In the past few weeks, I caught the wanderlust bug hard. I have a list of trip itineraries that I constantly add notes to when I see a great post or article that pertains to a location or site on the itinerary. My hope is that when I eventually go on these trips I will have most of the research and planning done, besides booking tickets, rooms, etc. So far I have been doing this to curb my wanderlust, but I’m not sure if it isn’t just making me want to take these trips more and more. I love this new travel planning series that Julia and Thomas have started. Though my itinerary spreadsheets have a few more columns, I loved seeing the similarities between their example itinerary and mine. My tip for anyone planning their own trip: if you are traveling in a group, add a “name” column to your spreadsheet so you can make sure everyone can check off at least one item on their list. This makes it more fair and fun for everyone, and you get to see things you may not have thought to include on your list!

One of my favorite things that happened in the past few weeks was the launch of the new Simplified Planners. Let me start by saying that this is not sponsored at all. I don’t have a Simplified Planner and didn’t purchase one when they released last week, so you might be wondering why I am so excited about it. As you can tell from my ramble above about traveling, I am a planner to my core. I have a planner on my desk at work, I tote one to and from home, I have a giant calendar on my office wall, and I use Google calendar and iCal. I love the crisp, clean design of Emily Ley’s products, and the thought and detail that goes into them to make them as useful as possible. I am planning on getting the “Weekly Gold Pineapple” when the calendar year editions come out in September (can you say, Christmas present?), but until then, I love using these free printable resources!

Moving on to more serious matters, Antarctica is melting. Climate change is real. These interactive articles are really well done and create a great (horrible) visual of what our emissions are doing to Antarctica and the coastlines (hint: the ice is melting, the coasts are flooding).

Do you have a side hustle? This article on millennial women earning money from their side hustles is interesting. If pay was more equal, would women still have side jobs at the same rate or would they continue to pursue them at the same rate because they find enjoyment in them? Hmm.

To end on a light note, watch Emma Watson act as Belle alongside Dan Stevens in a grey marshmallow suit and moon shoes for the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie. Hilarious.

Thank you to all those who serve or have served our country. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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I hope you had a relaxing, refreshing weekend that prepared you for a great week ahead. We spent the weekend with lots of family preparing for and attending my cousin’s rehearsal dinner and beautiful wedding. Since my large extended family comes from all edges and corners of the country, we don’t all get to see each other very often, so it is wonderful when everyone comes together for a wedding. I love getting to see all of the family, and I always find myself wishing these wedding weekends would last longer.

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As we dive deeper into the week, here is some link love to inspire (or distract) you.

Do you remember your first apartment out of college? Ours was 550 square feet, made of cinderblocks and single-paned windows, and in the middle of a floodplain. We hung a gallery wall with command strips, attached curtain rods to the ceiling, and came ¼” away from having all of our belongings underwater. Despite some of these not-so-wonderful aspects, we still have lots of great memories from our first little apartment. I wish I had known these six tips when I was looking for an apartment right out of college. I’ll add another tip to the list: don’t live in a floodplain, no matter how long they say it will be until the next flood.

I don’t typically follow golf, but I’ll take the pimento cheese and biscuits that surround the southern Masters Tournament watch parties. These photos from the weekend evoke the emotions and excitement around the tournament and the new green-coat clad winner.

You have likely read or heard about the Pepsi ad starring Kendall Jenner that was pulled last week. The SNL skit portraying the filming of the ad is funny, but also shows how easily the terrible ad could have been prevented. The ad world had a lot to say about it too.

As a self-proclaimed pie lover and a home baker, I love this interview with sister bakers Emily and Melissa Elsen of Four and Twenty Blackbirds pie shop. I have mentioned their cookbook before, and love their unique recipes. If you are looking for a delicious pie for this weekend, their lemon sour cream pie would be a wonderful Easter dessert.

I didn’t do as well on my goal of reading 10 minutes a day last month as I did in February. I think this was in part because I started my third non-fiction, self-help-type book and just got tired of the genre. This list of 20 great fiction books is inspiring me to pick on up and get back into the habit of reading every day. Do you have any recommendations?

Have a productive and fulfilling week, friends!

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Here we are, throwing some link love at an unsuspecting Monday. Sometimes life happens and we just have to go along with it. So, instead of bringing some relaxation to your weekend, I hope these links can bring some joy to your Monday.

link love 4.3.2017

For the first order of business, happy national championship day to my fellow Tar Heels! I’m both extremely excited and super nervous. Let’s go Heels!!! :)

“Sorry for the delayed response!” This post on what people actually want to say when they haven’t responded to you in a while is hilarious. We’ve all been on one end of that.

I started watching The Crown on Netflix last night and was intrigued by this article about the “secret” plan for when Queen Elizabeth passes. I love historical and historical fiction books and shows. Even if the plotline and details aren’t exactly correct I love seeing what life would have been like at the time and learning insights into historically (and currently) powerful families.

As you can probably tell from this blog, I love to bake. This article explains and confirms the psychological reasons why.

Did you see the Love, Actually reunion short for Red Nose Day? Thoughts? It made me want to go watch Love, Actually again, and it’s not even Christmastime.

I have been loving this warm spring weather and the few flowers and trees that are blooming here, but it has also made me want to travel somewhere where the blooms are already in full swing. These pretty Savannah photos have almost convinced me to make the trip.

Happy Monday! I hope it’s a good one!

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