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April was great, but it turned out to be much busier than I originally anticipated, with lots of unexpected odd hours at work. Because of this, I didn’t get around to crossing off some of my April goals. I did make progress on some that I didn’t fully complete, which makes me feel better going into May. I know the upcoming months will be very full with graduations, celebrations, and trips, so I want to set and achieve goals, but also leave room for fun and rest and time to enjoy the warmer weather and longer days. Let’s start these May goals!

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But first a recap of last month’s goals:

April Goals
Continue to stick to a workout routine that makes me feel good with toning and running (maybe add biking back to this as the weather gets nicer!) – Yes – I felt like I had a good combination of running, walking, biking, at-home workouts, and barre class.
Take weekly walks – Yes! I’m so happy that the sun is staying out longer and the weather is getting nicer for these walks.
Plant herbs and veggies – April was much colder than usual, and, in addition to not having much time because of work events on the weekends, I didn’t want the plants to freeze and die. We’re hoping to complete this soon!
Finish our back patio area – The construction portion is done! We still have to plant some plants in the raised bed and hang lights – those are going on this month’s goals.
Celebrate my birthday! :) – Yay, this was so wonderful. I celebrated with a morning breakfast date with Will, a treat from one of my favorite coffee shops from my coworkers, a free barre class, and a delicious spread of homemade appetizers shared with Will and my parents. It was the perfect day.
Get in bed by 10:45 p.m. and get to sleep by 11:15 p.m. (not just in bed) four nights a week – This is laughable. I blame it a little on my crazy work schedule with some odd hours, which led me to stay up later to get things done that I usually would have done earlier, but mostly I was just really bad at this in April.
Do less Instagram scrolling – I’m not crossing this off because I don’t know how to measure it, and I don’t think it was much less than before.
Do something or try somewhere new! – We biked 33 miles on the Capital Area Greenway this past weekend which was both something and somewhere new!

May Goals
– Find time to relax each week – don’t get stuck in the overwhelm that can so easily take over in this busy season of work
– Enjoy time with family and celebrate my siblings’ college graduations
– Enjoy a long weekend with out-of-town friends
– Prep our guest bedroom and home for 4 (!) guests this month
– Prepare well for our June trips
– Finish our outdoor area – plant flowers and veggies in the raised bed, plant herbs, hang lights

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