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October was so full and so good. Going into the month I was coming off of a very busy September, and I knew that November would be a busy month too. October started out hectic, but between Will’s fall break, my trips to the mountains and to NYC, and some good family time, October ended up being just what I needed. It was busy and filled with lots of activity, but still restful because the activity was not stressful. On top of that, the weather finally cooled down and the gorgeous colors popped on the trees. Overall, I’d take October again in a heartbeat. Here’s hoping that November can compete! :)

November Goals 2017

October goals:
– Enjoy a fall treat – pumpkin chocolate chip bread, Levain cookies (not necessarily a “fall treat,” but definitely a treat in the fall)
– Take advantage of the cooler weather by exercising outside regularly, including a run on the “Pumpkin Loop” – I did run outside regularly (the weather was amazing!), but not on the Pumpkin Loop, so moving this one to next month.
– Make a new soup recipe – Tried this butternut squash soup and this tomato soup. Both were great, but the tomato soup has been on repeat!
– Enjoy relaxing time with family on our siblings’ fall breaks – <3
– Enjoy time with friends on trips for work (NYC) and fun (mountains) – Both were so good! The photo above is from my trip to NYC. If I can get my act together I’ll be sharing more soon!
– Use my time efficiently at work and at home – less mindless checking and refreshing Instagram, no Instagram after 10pm – This was such a good goal and I’m so glad I stuck to it. I already feel like I have dropped the habit of checking social media late at night, but I’m carrying it over until I’m sure it sticks.
– Drink at least 80 oz of water a day – I am usually good at getting at least 68, but have been lax about this recently and feeling dehydrated because of it. – Crossing this off because I did this almost every day, but was bad about it while I was traveling (I hate using airplane bathrooms). Moving it to next month so I can continue to get into a better habit.
– Dress up to give candy to trick-or-treaters! – I was Cinderella :)
– Make a practice-round dish for Thanksgiving – We made brown butter maple sweet potatoes with my family while my brother was home for fall break!

November goals:
– Vote!
– Celebrate 10 years with Will!!!
– Make a new pie recipe
– Drink at least 80 ounces of water a day
– Go on a walk/run on nearby trails (maybe on the Pumpkin loop, since I missed that last month) to enjoy the last of the fall leaves and weather
– Continue to exercise outside even as the weather gets colder and the amount of sunlight gets shorter
– Stretch at least 3 times a week (I got a charley horse (so painful!) twice last month and I’m hoping to stretch more to try to prevent that happening this month.)
– Use my time efficiently at work and at home – less mindless checking and refreshing Instagram, no Instagram after 10pm
– Acknowledge at least one thing I’m grateful for each day (I do this every few days, and should be doing this everyday, but I figure Thanksgiving month is a good time to start this habit!)
– Finish our “coffeeneuring” adventures strong (more on this soon!)
– Spend time with family and rest over Thanksgiving
– Plan/purchase most of our Christmas gifts

Do you have any big (or small) goals for this month? Leave them in the comments below!

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