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I hope you had a relaxing, refreshing weekend that prepared you for a great week ahead. We spent the weekend with lots of family preparing for and attending my cousin’s rehearsal dinner and beautiful wedding. Since my large extended family comes from all edges and corners of the country, we don’t all get to see each other very often, so it is wonderful when everyone comes together for a wedding. I love getting to see all of the family, and I always find myself wishing these wedding weekends would last longer.

link love 4.11.2017
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As we dive deeper into the week, here is some link love to inspire (or distract) you.

Do you remember your first apartment out of college? Ours was 550 square feet, made of cinderblocks and single-paned windows, and in the middle of a floodplain. We hung a gallery wall with command strips, attached curtain rods to the ceiling, and came ¼” away from having all of our belongings underwater. Despite some of these not-so-wonderful aspects, we still have lots of great memories from our first little apartment. I wish I had known these six tips when I was looking for an apartment right out of college. I’ll add another tip to the list: don’t live in a floodplain, no matter how long they say it will be until the next flood.

I don’t typically follow golf, but I’ll take the pimento cheese and biscuits that surround the southern Masters Tournament watch parties. These photos from the weekend evoke the emotions and excitement around the tournament and the new green-coat clad winner.

You have likely read or heard about the Pepsi ad starring Kendall Jenner that was pulled last week. The SNL skit portraying the filming of the ad is funny, but also shows how easily the terrible ad could have been prevented. The ad world had a lot to say about it too.

As a self-proclaimed pie lover and a home baker, I love this interview with sister bakers Emily and Melissa Elsen of Four and Twenty Blackbirds pie shop. I have mentioned their cookbook before, and love their unique recipes. If you are looking for a delicious pie for this weekend, their lemon sour cream pie would be a wonderful Easter dessert.

I didn’t do as well on my goal of reading 10 minutes a day last month as I did in February. I think this was in part because I started my third non-fiction, self-help-type book and just got tired of the genre. This list of 20 great fiction books is inspiring me to pick on up and get back into the habit of reading every day. Do you have any recommendations?

Have a productive and fulfilling week, friends!

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