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Happy weekend! If you celebrated the 4th of July, I hope your short work week was wonderful! We are spending the weekend at a beautiful lake with lots of friends and I’m so excited for what the weekend has in store. I hope you have a great one!

link love 7.8.2017


Here is some link love for your weekend enjoyment.

I was laughing so hard at this post. These tops are everywhere, and while I have seen a few cute ones, I feel like everytime I try on one of them I just look like I am wearing a shapeless bag. I’m sure other people have found some that actually look cute in person, rather than just on the hanger, but I’m lost.

Do you remember what we did before the internet? I remember a lot of crafts and running around with neighborhood kids. Last night, we somehow started the activity of throwing a water bottle and trying to land it right-side-up on the counter. At first it only a few people were involved, but as more and more joined we had a group of 10 people standing in a circle waiting for their turn. It reminded me of what we would do before the internet :)

I am amazed at the photos some people take with just their iPhones. The iPhone photography awards have some amazing photos with such stories behind them. It shows that we don’t always need a fancy camera, but sometimes just the camera in our pocket. Now to figure out how my phone could be capable of that…

On a similar note, if you are looking for the beauty in this world, National Geographic always amazes me. We saw some of these photos in person a few years ago and the detail is incredible!

Lastly, Bon Appetit has a rent week “category,” which is both great and hilarious. Check it out.

Happy weekend!

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