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Happy happy Friday!  I hope you have all had a marvelous week!  I’m sorry I have been so MIA this week, I have so much to share in the coming weeks.

This week I’m continuing my book wishlist from a few months ago, this week with some  cookbooks I love or would love to have.  Here we go!


1/ Food52 Genius Recipes (Kristen Miglore) – Will and I recently got this cookbook as a joint anniversary gift.  We have loved sharing a kitchen and trying new recipes together over the past year and we are so excited to try try some of these wonderful well-tested recipes!  Most of the dishes are savory with a chapter on sweets.  They all look so delicious.

2/ Seven Spoons (Tara O’Brady) – I have heard so many great things about this book.  A change from my other baking books, this book provides savory recipes as well.  It provides some great recipes for everyday or for a crowd, not to mention beautiful photos.

3/ Joy the Baker: Homemade Decadence (Joy Wilson) – Joy the Baker is one of my go-to food blogs.  I have been reading her recipes for years now and am so excited about her most recent cookbook.  I haven’t purchased it yet but I would absolutely love to have this one on my bookshelf and in my kitchen.

4/ Cookie Love (Mindy Segal, Kate Leahy) – Doesn’t this seem like the perfect book for “Cookie Girl?”  I think yes.  I would love to look through the pages and pages of cookie recipes from this acclaimed cookie book

5/ Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book (Editors of Cook’s Illustrated Magazine) – Will gave me this cookbook for Christmas and I immediately went through it and tagged every recipe I want to try.  There are a lot of tags.  Cook’s Illustrated does a great job of providing explanations for every ingredient and recipe. They describe anything that could go wrong, how to prevent failed baking adventures and how to remedy your treat if you don’t get the recipe quite right.  I LOVE this cookbook and would absolutely recommend it to anyone.

6/ Seriously Delish (Jessica Merchant) – This was another one of my Christmas gifts, this time from my brother (are you sensing a theme here?).  Jessica Merchant’s blog, How Sweet It Is, is one of my all-time favorite food blogs.  Like Joy the Baker, I read How Sweet It Is almost every day and love all of her recipes.  We have loved every recipe we have tried from her cookbook.

7/ Milk Bar Life (Christina Tosi) – Remember my birthday cake?  It was inspired by Momofuku Milk Bar birthday cake by Christina Tosi.  I don’t have her new cookbook but it looks absolutely amazing.  I would love to add this one to my repertoire and experiment with her creative recipes.

8/ The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book (Emily and Melissa Elsen) – I have a few go-to pie recipes.  They are all delicious but I think it would be fun to expand my pie-making skills with some of the recipes from this cookbook.  A good pie is such a great dessert to have on hand and this cookbook would be a great way to expand my pie horizons! :)

9/ Huckleberry (Zoe Nathan) – This book is beautiful.  Just look at that bread on the cover.  Huckleberry has received many wonderful reviews and looks delightful.  Filled with photos and recipes for treats and breads, it would be a great cookbook to expand my yeast skills and push me to bake items outside of my normal realm.


*All opinions in this post are my own.  I have not been compensated by any of these authors or cookbook distributor (wouldn’t that be awesome though?).  I merely like to provide my personal opinion on wonderful cookbooks that you should absolutely try.

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