we’re in a magazine!

Yes, that’s right!  We are so excited to have our wedding featured in The Knot North Carolina!  We both had the best time with all of our friends and family, a crazy dance floor and many beautiful pictures to show it.  I plan to write a separate post just on our wedding day but for now, I want to share the magazine and the pictures featured in it.

Will and I regularly reminisce on our wedding day, and credit the great memories to a few factors.  The first is each other (awww, cheesy but true).  After seven years of dating, it was so exciting and special to finally get married to my best friend and my high-school sweetheart.  The second aspect of our wedding that makes it so memorable are the pictures.  We LOVE our wedding pictures and our wedding photographer (thanks, Graham Terhune Photography!).  We have pictures from our wedding spattered around our apartment and every time we think about that day we both exclaim about how glad we are to have such great pictures.  Not only are they wonderful photographs, they capture so many happy memories and make us smile and laugh every time we look at them.

The third aspect of our wedding day we often talk about is the dance floor.  The dance floor was impressive.  I mean, serious recognition is due to everyone who sweat through their shirt or dress, but kept chugging along on the train and jumping ferociously to “Shout!”  We saw everyone from 2-year olds to octogenarians grooving on the dance floor, and the energy never died.  After the cutting of the cake, it was a dance party for hourssss.

We are excited to share some of our memories with everyone who reads The Knot, but we are also thrilled to have a record of our wedding story that we can look back on in the future.

Now, on to the magazine and the pictures it features!  (Grab your issue now!  Before we snag all of them ;))

Hope and Will-Post Ceremony Bride and Groom-0008

Graham took this picture right after we walked out of the church ceremony and before anyone else had the chance to exit.  It was such a thrilling yet quiet moment as newlyweds and I am so glad it was captured on camera.

Hope and Will-Pre Ceremony Portraits-0045

 Will’s cousins were our beautiful flower girls.  I took fabric leftover from the bridesmaids dresses to a local monogram shop, and my grandmother sewed the monogrammed fabric into sashes for each of the girls.

View More: http://grahamterhune.pass.us/hopeandwill

I loved the combination of flowers and colors in each bouquet.  My talented grandmother made all of the bridesmaids dresses, specially tailored to each person.  It was so special to have the whole family involved in making our big day perfect.

View More: http://grahamterhune.pass.us/hopeandwill

 The boys.  To make their uniform outfits unique, each of the groomsmen and ushers picked out their favorite pair of suspenders to wear underneath their jacket.  Once the dancing started though, the suspenders were out in full force.

View More: http://grahamterhune.pass.us/hopeandwill

Will and I arrived at the reception after all of the guests and were surprised to see a line of vintage Triumph cars parked on the cobblestones outside of the reception hall.  My dad organized the detail without either of us knowing.  My sister, who did all of the lovely calligraphy for our wedding, made this sign in secret and displayed it along side the cars.

View More: http://grahamterhune.pass.us/hopeandwillView More: http://grahamterhune.pass.us/hopeandwill

 And the getaway.  Long sparklers lit the cobblestones as Will and I ran through the lines of family and friends to the decorated car and headed off to New England and newlywed life.

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