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Welcome, April! Between UNC winning the national championship (see photo below!) and prepping for a family wedding, the first few days of April have been wonderful already! April is my favorite month of the year. The spring weather is usually here to stay by mid-month, and I have my birthday to look forward to at the end of the month. I have good feelings about this month :)

2017 April Goals

March Goals
-Read a book for at least 10 minutes a day – This one didn’t go as well as it did in February; started reading Daring Greatly but didn’t make a ton of progress
-Do toning exercises twice a week – Again, didn’t go as well as it did in February, but did them about once a week
-Start a list of recipes we make often and the ingredients we need to make them to make meal planning is easier in the future – Ongoing
-Make 2 pieces of art for our bedroom – Pushed this off because after hanging art (see next goal) and rearranging our furniture, I don’t know if the art I planned to make is the right thing for the space.
-Hang art in our bedroom – Yes!
-Hang curtains in at least one room in the house (one day we will check this off the list) – Hung curtains in TWO rooms! Woohoo!
Take a walk/run with Will at least once a week (this may be difficult with Will starting a new rotation, but I am hopeful!) – Yes! This was great!
Test five cookie recipes for an upcoming project – Yes! This cookie testing came in handy for April’s goals :)
Celebrate Will’s birthday – Yes! Yay, 25!
Spend meaningful time with friends – This was wonderful. I may not have checked off the first two goals because I spent more time with friends than usual, but it was well worth it.

April Goals
Plant herbs
Do toning exercises twice a week
Successfully finish making and beautifully present 5 types of cookies for my cousin’s wedding reception
Celebrate with friends and family at wedding
See the Ansel Adams exhibit at the NC art museum
Celebrate Easter with family
Make a new spring dessert
Celebrate my quarter-century birthday!

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