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I love October. While it doesn’t feel like fall outside yet, October always symbolizes the beginning of fun autumn festivities and the changing season. This October is a bit crazy for me, with work one weekend and road trips the other three, so my main goal is to stay present and focus on the people I am with each day. I’m looking forward for all of the activities and travel that is coming in the next few months, but I know it will be easy to get burnt out or stressed in the midst of it all and am trying to keep my goals simple and stay aware and ahead of that. Fall is my favorite season, so even with a busy schedule, I’m excited to make a fall fun list and enjoy the season.

2018 October Goals | Pass the Cookies | www.passthecookies.com2018 October Goals | Pass the Cookies | www.passthecookies.com

September Goals:
Narrow down residency application list with Will
Celebrate Will’s residency application submission – Yay! We celebrated with a group of his med school friends who are in the same position.
Exercise 4x per week
– Wake up early to exercise before work at least 1x per week – Tried this the first week, but it started getting dark so early that I didn’t feel comfortable running by myself in the dark when no one else was awake.
Run, bike, or walk with Will
Only buy coffee 1x or less per week
Spend quality time with friends and family
Drink 90 oz water every day
– Write down specific ways that I destress and practice them – Whoops, definitely didn’t do this.
Work on exercises from at least the first three chapters of Designing Your Life

October Goals:
– Drink 90 oz water every day (giving grace for days I am on the road)
– Only buy coffee 1x or less per week
– Continue to work on exercises from Designing Your Life
– Help my sister move to Dallas
– Enjoy time with family over an out-of-town wedding weekend
– Spend quality time with friends
– Make a fall fun list
– Start brainstorming Christmas gifts – it may seem early, but it was so nice to be done with all of our Christmas shopping by the second week of December last year and be able to focus on the season.
– Be present

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