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March was full, to say the least. We started out with a long-weekend road trip to Alabama to visit Will’s sister, celebrated Will’s birthday, anticipated Match Day, found out where we are moving for the next three years and celebrated with family, spent a girls weekend with friends, traveled to Charleston for a wedding, and watched a lot of basketball. While it was an exciting month that left us with the certainty we have been waiting for all year, it was also full of emotions, and even a bit emotionally draining. We have a lot to do in preparation of our move at home, at work, and in Nashville, so many of my goals this month have that in mind, but I also don’t want to lose track of the celebration that comes with April.

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April is my favorite month of the year. It is the month (at least in North Carolina) when spring finally arrives and feels like it is here to stay after the finicky on and off cold spring in March. The flowers and trees are in full bloom in April and the beauty of the flowers and colors and the warmth of sunshine just make my soul happy. It doesn’t hurt that my birthday rounds out the month ;) I’m excited for what is to come this month. Let’s get to the good stuff.

March Goals:
– Celebrate Will’s birthday! – woo hoo!
– Celebrate MATCH DAY and throw a Match Day party with family – Match Day was so incredibly stressful, but it was amazing to be surrounded by family and fellow med students and to be able to relax at the end of the crazy day
– Look for a place to live in our new home (if we are moving for residency) – looked online at a lot of places and are hoping to visit some in April
– Take purged items from our closet to the thrift store to donate
– Start studying for CSEP exam
– Do (at least) one strength-training exercise a week
– Start making my guide to the Triangle – made a tiny bit of progress, but still have a ways to go.
– Try one new-to-us place in the Triangle – didn’t get to this one, whomp whomp
– Do the mind mapping portion of the Designing Your Life workbook
– Bring dinner to friends with a new baby

April Goals:
– Look for a place to live in Nashville
– Try a new coffee shop or breakfast place in Nashville – any recommendations?
– Spend time with friends (trying to fit in as much of this as we can before we move)
– Clean out unused items in guest bedroom closet and armoire
– Study for and confidently take CSEP exam
– Prep for moving: make a timeline of things to do and get our place ready to show
– Celebrate Easter with family!
– Celebrate birthdays!
– Complete the “Odyssey Plans” section of the Designing Your Life workbook

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