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With January in full swing and my 2020 yearly goals ready to go, it’s about (finally) time to get going on my January goals. This month has been the perfect mix of slow, relaxing, fun, and exciting. Now that we know Will’s schedule pretty well on each of his rotations, we can plan more easily around them and take advantage of the time we have together, and sometimes time we have with other friends who are off too. While our routine isn’t normal for most people, it is the routine we have become used to, and it is nice to feel like we can better predict and optimize our fun times.

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First, let’s recap how December goals went.

December Goals
Finish Christmas shopping by 12/8 – Because we were flying this year, we had a few last minute items we bought to ship home after realizing we couldn’t easily carry them on the plane, but other than that, this was a success!
Read the Christmas story
Be a great host for medical students during their residency interviews
Explore a few local shops during their Christmas events – This was so fun!
Finish decorating for Christmas by 12/11 (2 weeks before Christmas :) ) – I finally got my act together in time and left it up for a week after New Years to give myself more time to enjoy it :)
Bake Christmas cookies – new and traditional!– Made a few new ones (chocolate peppermint thumbprint cookies, and eggnog snickerdoodles), and some old favorites (including these brown butter ginger cookies and shortbread)
Send Christmas cookies to some of our family who we won’t see on Christmas – We had a family gathering for Will’s sister’s graduation and got to hand deliver them this year!
Do something Christmasy with Will in Nashville or continue our tradition of pre-Christmas coffee/breakfast date (TBD based on his schedule) – Yay, we had a wonderful pre-Christmas breakfast date at a local coffee shop.
Unplug for a few days and truly enjoy Christmas and family time – I definitely unplugged and didn’t check Instagram for days at a time. It was nice to focus on the present company, but also made reentry a little harder haha.

And now for January goals. Full disclosure, since it is so late in the month, I’m adding some things that I hoped to do at the beginning of the month and now have already done at the time of writing this.

January Goals
– Be a great host for medical students during their residency interviews
– Host a citrus party after our lemon falls off the tree!
– Start to compile a list of go-to meals for weeknights
– Start to compile a list of go-to meals for guests/company
– Start to compile a list of go-to meals to bring people (new parents, surgery recovery, grieving families)
– Hang photos or art in our living area
– Try two new dinner recipes
– Read two nights a week
– Do strength-training exercises two days a week

I’m excited to get started on my goals for the year through these monthly goals!

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