valentine’s day gift guide for a sweetheart party

Valentine's day gift guide for a sweetheart party

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I have always and will always associate Valentine’s day with royal icing topped sugar cookies, little heart shaped boxes of filled chocolates, cute rectangular folded valentine’s cards, and tea parties. The chocolate boxes and cards make sense to most people, but the sugar cookies and tea parties are just as integral for me. Throughout my childhood one of the moms in my playgroup would have all a Valentine’s tea party for all of the other moms and daughters in the playgroup. The little girls would dress up in our prettiest dresses with big bows in our hair and sit at the mini table with our tea and cookies. I honestly have no idea what the moms did because I never even gave it a second thought once we got there. I put together this Valentine’s day gift guide for any valentine’s parties you might be going to or for your own sweetheart party.

These cookie cutters are adorable for a party complete with sugar cookies with royal icing (can you tell I have fond memories of those?) and this pretty cake and cakelette pans would make a great centerpiece for your Valentine’s day spread.  I loved these little plates, bowls and platters last year and they sold out so quickly! I’m glad to see them back this year!  The sparklers are so cute and I want to send the marbled heart valentine to all of my friends.  Nothing like a pretty piece of snail mail to brighten someone’s day :)  I love the combination of these XO and heart ice cubes with the cute heart straws, and these heart measuring cups and spoons are perfect for a Valentine’s cookie party!  Do you have any Valentine’s party memories?

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