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I mentioned in my June Goals post that we moved to Nashville earlier this month! With all of the packing, unpacking, rearranging to make things fit, and settling in, I feel like it is a chance to start fresh. We brought our favorite furniture from North Carolina, but it all looks so different in a different space, and having a new place gave us a chance to move things around in arrangements we hadn’t had a chance to see in our old place. A new layout and new place always provides a slight challenge (where do you store things? how do you arrange things?), but also allows for a great fresh start. It has been exciting to see great interior design and picture ways we could implement some aspect of it, to hone in on my style now that we have culled our furniture, or just save ideas for a future home. Below are some of the inspiring interiors and designers that I have been loving and following lately. All photos are from the respective person’s website or Instagram (all linked).

Amy Berry Home | @amyberryhome

Arie Lokin | @arielokin

Danielle Moss | @daniellemoss_

Erin Kestenbaum | @erinkestenbaum

This next image was inspo via Erin Kestenbaum’s blog originally from Architectural Digest

Christy of Harlowe James | @_harlowejames

Josh Young Design House | @jyoungdesignhouse

Kayce Hughes (a Nashville local!) | @kaycehughes

Kayce’s art is also featured in some of the other photos in this post as part of other designers’ work.

Pencil and Paper Co. (another Nashville local!) | @pencilandpaperco

Sarah Bartholomew (yet another Nashvillian!) | @sb.sarahbartholomew

Shannon Claire | @shannonclaire

When gathering these images I noticed a few trends. I like the blue and white motifs and ginger jars, but also the look of modern items mixed with traditional style. I also noticed that the same artists show up in many of the images I like from different sources. Josh Young Design House and Kayce Hughes both have work in many of these homes pictured, and their art seems to be a overarching theme that ties together some of these styles. You can see Josh’s work in his own home, in Shannon Claire’s work, and in Danielle Moss’s home. Kacye’s art shows up in Amy Berry Home, Sarah Bartholomew Design, and Pencil and Paper Co, in addition to her own posts. Maybe someday I’ll have one of their art pieces to tie my home together too ;) I love following these great designers on Instagram and Pinterest to gain more inspiration for my own interior design. I’d love to hear your favorite interior design and artist follows on Instagram too!

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