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It is meltingggggg. Winter Storm Jonas paid us a visit this weekend and left behind some snow and ice. After four days of sticking around, it finally started to really melt today.

Life lately on Pass the Cookies

Don’t get me wrong, there are still some very precarious patches of ice and snow is still piled along the side of the street, but with a whopping high of 55 today it won’t be here much longer. If I lived in DC or New York I think I would be more tired of the snow, but I loved being snowed (and iced) in this weekend. It was fun to be able to relax a little, work from home, bake a little, and be with Will and family more than a usual four-day stint would allow.

Before the wintery weather started, Will and I packed up a bag and headed to spend the snowy weekend with his family. We knew I would be working remotely and he would be studying no matter where we were, so we decided to get out of our apartment while the roads were still clear and be in a warm house with power and great people. Like most of the state, we went to bed on Thursday night with cold but dry skies and woke up to a winter wonderland and the pitter patter of freezing rain and snow. It was great to start the Friday early with a hot cup of tea, the view of white flakes falling through the window next to us, and the best desk partner :) Maybe it was the snow, maybe it was the company, but I realized how much I like working from home that day. I felt so productive and comfortable at the same time, and felt I was more creative than I usually am in my office. I can see how it would be hard for some people, but I loved it.

Life lately on Pass the Cookies

After my workday was over, Will took a break from studying and we trekked outside. It was still snowing and sleeting and the winds were incredible at times, but it was nice to explore the white scenery. As a typical North Carolinian, I wore two coats and two pairs of socks to make sure I stayed warm enough. We walked around the neighborhood and admired the frozen landscape. The sleet had left a sheet of ice on everything around, including individual pine needles. After a while the whipping winds started pelting sleet at our faces we decided we had been outside long enough. The whole experience reminded me of the illustrations in a book my mom used to read to my siblings and me when we were little called Brave Irene, about a girl carrying a dress through a huge snowstorm for her sick mother.

Life lately on Pass the Cookies

The rest of the weekend was filled with family, relaxation, warm blankets and leggings. I wish we had a little more of the snow to extend the slow-paced days, but I’m also accepting the melting of snow as a good step towards our regular routines. After two days of working from home with snowy surroundings, going back to the office in the ice was not as fun, and Tuesday felt like Thursday, which is never satisfying. Snow, would you please come back? Just for a little longer?

Life lately on Pass the Cookies

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