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I’m sorry for the radio silence over here.  With the busiest season at work and our move last week, I have neglected this space in efforts to keep myself afloat and functioning well in a few other areas of life.  My schedule last week went something like this:  work, work, work, work, pack, pack, sleep, repeat.  No time for cooking/baking, exercise or much sleeping. This week looks like it will be pretty similar with unpacking replacing packing and hopefully a slight bit more balance (hooray for balance!).  I have a recipe I hope to share soon, but until I get to it and get a bit more settled into our new place and dig through a few more boxes, please forgive me for the lack of a posting schedule.


^This little place was our first apartment after we got married, where this little blog started, and where we have both good and bad memories.  It was good for the season of life we were in, but it’s time to move along now.  On to bigger and better homes (and thank goodness for getting out of the floodplain – more on that later)!

Moving is a beast.  We moved from a tiny 550 square foot one apartment with minimal storage space to a two bedroom condo almost double the size, and somehow, I still feel like we have too much stuff for the space.  How did we fit all of that stuff in our little 550 square foot box?  I packed most of it and still have no idea where it all came from.  I think it multiplied in the boxes.  It must have.  I also didn’t realize how much more difficult a move from apartments is than a move from a dorm room.  When we moved into our previous apartment (the tiny box), Will and I had both just graduated college, and didn’t have a lot of stuff to begin with.  We had help moving some of the large items in, but we also moved our previous belongings and our wonderful wedding gifts in gradually after we got married, so we never really had a huge moving day.  At the time I didn’t have a job yet and Will had a month or so until school started, so we had nothing but time.  Now that I am working and Will is in the clinic, it is harder to find time to pack everything, move and now unpack everything, especially with one moving day.

Unpacking has turned out to be easier than packing, but there are still items that don’t have the perfect place to settle yet.  While we have already unpacked a lot of boxes in the time between Friday and Sunday, it still sometimes feels like we are traipsing through a maze of cardboard boxes, trying to find socks, or tupperwares, or light bulbs.  I don’t seem to know where it came from, and I certainly don’t know where all of it is now.  While life in front of the camera usually looks put together and beautiful, real life is looking busy and hectic.  I do try to stay put together in life behind the camera, while still running on minimal sleep and lots of caffeine – we’ll see how that looks by the end of the week ;)  I’m excited to get back to this blogosphere, but might need some slack along the way.  I hope to post some photos of our new place once we get more settled and decorated.  Right now, let’s just focus on finding everything. :)

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