summer bucket list 2018

Though it has felt like it for a while now, Summer is officially here!


While I don’t always love the terribly hot, humid days or the massive amounts of bug bites that come with summer nights, I have learned to appreciate spending time outside during this relaxed season. I love the long days, the slower pace, the delicious fresh fruit, and the chance to take some time to relax or travel. With Will starting rotations again in a few weeks, I know our time off together will be more limited, so our bucket list is small this year, but still full of things that bring us joy. Here’s to a fun-filled summer! I can’t wait to get started!

Summer 2018 Bucket List
– Eat a meal on our back patio
– Make popsicles
– Have tea at Honeysuckle Tea House
– Take walks after dinner as often as possible
– Go to Maple View Ice Farm in the evening
– Have a cookout or picnic with friends/family
– Get peaches from the farmer’s market
– Go on bike ride dates
– Enjoy a good cheese board dinner
– Eat watermelon every chance we get

What is on your summer bucket list?!

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