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Happy happy happy Friday!  This week has been so busy and has seemed like it has dragged on forever.  With my work schedule ramping up with the start of school and Will’s crazy clinical schedule we have been exhausted all week.  I can’t wait for the weekend and some relaxation.

link love 8.26.2016

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Enjoy this week’s link love:

Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service!  I love the national parks and have so many on my wanderlust list.  I saw this quiz on how well you can identify national parks by their photos and immediately had to try it.  I only missed two, and that’s really only because it is difficult to tell what is in the photos because of the lighting (ie: is it sand or ice? steam or water?). Happy anniversary, National Parks, we love you!

While not as fun, but more useful, this advice on financial planning in your 20s, 30s and 40s is good to keep tucked away.  The money you save by being savvy with your money could get you to that next national park ;)

I definitely practice parts of this productivity method, but I don’t stick to the whole method.  Maybe I would be more productive if I did? 

We talked about body image last week, and there have been some great posts about quitting the body image this week as well.  Quitting the body image wars is what we should strive to do, but it is way harder to do than to say.  I love this excerpt from the article:

“You are already strong. You are a caretaker of a body capable of amazing feats—your heart beats! Your lungs fill up with air! Your legs move you to and from places!—which means that your body is your friend, not an enemy meant to be defeated at the first perceived failure. Opt out of the lie that says your looks matter most. Take up space in this world, because what you weigh holds no weight in terms of your worth.”

Let’s remember that!  Another great post on this topic is in the form of things-I-would-tell-my-younger-self.  This author is speaking to herself around my age, and I know I should listen, because I will likely have a few similar things to say when I look back at this time in my life. Travel, don’t focus so much on body image, pick up the phone, say something when you see something, and YOU ARE ENOUGH.  Read that again.  This is also a note to self.

An American teacher in Finland learned how different the start of the school year is in the two countries, with the first few days in school being rigid, and the Finnish schools easing into the year with a more laid-back method.  Which is better and is there a right way?  I am definitely not the one to ask about this as I have zero experience with teaching, but I think it is interesting to imagine how I would respond to the two methods.

Happy weekending!  I hope it is relaxing!

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