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Happy Friday! This “short” week has felt extremely long to me and I am ready for the weekend and all it brings. Here is some link love to get you to through the final stretch!

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President Barack Obama served his last full day as the President of the United States yesterday. NPR’s exit interview with president Obama from December is filled with lots of questions and lots of thoughts. We’ll miss you, Obamas. Thank you for serving the American people for the past eight years.

In lighter news, Beyonce interviewed her sister, Solange, and they talk about the negative connotation of control, and why they argue that it should not be viewed as a bad trait. There is girl power all over that article.

Recently I have had days where I am overcome with stress, even when there is not one specifically stressful event that occurs during the day. Sometimes I carry stress from previous days, when instead I should be starting on a fresh footing and brushing unneeded stress away at the end (or beginning) of the day. What am I stressed about? Sometimes I can’t even tell you, but I am in such a stressed out funk. This article about our brains defaulting to focus on┬ánegativity hit so close to home. Can we train neurons in our brains to overcome this tendency of negativity?

Are your good habits, newly founded for 2017 or longstanding, holding you back? This is an interesting topic and one we don’t usually think about.

These tips on things to think about before we speak are always needed. Is what you are going to say truthful, necessary, timely and kind? While we don’t always need to follow these guidelines, maybe we should all take a little more time to think before we speak, if not only to make our point more effective. As I think about one of my goals for the year, to be intentional, speaking purposefully in this way weighs on my mind.

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