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You guys! This is the 100th link love post on PTC! Can you believe that?! I can’t. When I saw 100 in the url I actually went back and counted the number of link love posts in the archives because I truly didn’t think it was right. Thank you for following along with me for these 100 link love roundups throughout the years. I hope they bring some fun to your weekend :)

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Without further ado, our 100th link love:

I love love love this post on ways to save money. Will and I have our own methods of saving money, but seeing money-saving tips from other people always opens my eyes to great tricks I wouldn’t think about otherwise.

Speaking of money, I’m so late to the game on this, but I was recently introduced to Refinery29’s Money Diaries and find them so interesting! I love that you can see how women with different jobs and salaries spend money in different parts of the country. The project aims to remove the taboo from the topic of salaries. It also encourages people to track their spending in a money diary to help them realize where/how they are spending their money, and hopefully realize how they can save money (going back to the previous link). I find it interesting to see how people spend their money in a week because it really seems like a peek into what they value. Since I was in NYC this week, this recent money diary from a Brooklyn native seemed very relevant.

I have followed Joy the Baker for years now, and am so excited about the new venture she launched in The Bakehouse NOLA. Joy invites guests to join her at her gorgeous Crescent City home for cooking classes, workshops, and events based on different themes (this weekend is a homemade bagel event!). The idea of a well-known blogger welcoming guests (and fans :) ) into her home for a hands-on learning event is so unique and cool! I know it isn’t feasible for many people, but I love the idea!

In our female communities we often discuss self-confidence issues, body-image struggles, and unfair comparison to those we follow on the social media. This article on how to improve body image just by wearing clothing that fits well and makes us feel good is needed in today’s society and trends in fashion. Some days this may be more difficult than others, but shouldn’t we all dress in a way that helps us love ourselves, whether that follows the current trends or not? I think yes.

Lastly, if you still haven’t figured out your Halloween costume for Tuesday, here is a handy list of 25 last-minute costume ideas. I’d love to hear your creative ideas!

Happy weekending, friends!

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