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Hi, friends! Happy weekend! It has been a while since we have done link love over here. Link love posts have always been a fun addition, but were never my favorite posts to put together. Toward the end of last year, trying to find links each week got to be a drag and was causing more stress than it was worth. At the same time, my full-time job got busier and more stressful too. My goal for the year was to simplify, and one of the things I decided in working toward that goal was to only write link love posts when I really had things to share that I have been loving recently, instead of trying to scour the internet each week for links to share. So, while you may see less link love posts, they will be filled with things I am more interested in, and this new schedule will help my mental health. ;)

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Here we go!

The Everygirl just launched their new website, The Everymom. I love The Everygirl and their goal to inspire, empower, and help other women. While I’m not a mom, I still can’t wait to see how they create this new supportive space and community for moms.

Communication and community-building through social media. This isn’t necessarily a link, as much as it is something I have just been loving lately. I’ll be the first to admit that, like most of millenials, I spend too much time on my phone. However, lately I have been loving the interactions I have been able to make through Instagram stories and direct messages. There are so many people I follow and admire and it is so fun to be able to chat with people I don’t live near and otherwise wouldn’t know.

I have been looking for ways to update our living room decor and love all of the interior design posts by Alaina Kaczmarski, Erin Kestenbaum, and Harlowe James. Check them out! Alaina’s Chicago greystone was all over Pinterest and the internet last year, and her neutral, but still bold style makes me want to move into her lovely home. Erin Kestenbaum has a totally different style from Alaina, but I love all of her rich colors, bold patterns (and pattern mixing), and eye for detail. Her before-and-after photos and amazing DIY skills are so inspiring. Chrissy, from Harlowe James, utilizes lots of neutrals, like Alaina, but incorporates some blues into her laid-back style.

Lastly, this series of posts on solo female adventure guides is so wonderful. When I went to New York in October, most of my trip was spent by myself. I stayed with a good friend and was surrounded by strangers at a conference (where I still felt very alone), but my travels and the rest of my trip was spent with me, myself, and I. I navigated the subway (and bus and airport), found a new park, and walked to some of my favorite places by myself and it was shockingly peaceful and wonderful. Reading these posts took me right back to that experience.

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