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Happy almost Halloween! I hope your preparations are going well, your costumes are ready and you have plenty of candy for the trick-or-treaters :)

link love 10.30.2015


Here are some links I am loving from this week!

Wondering which candy will be most popular in your neighborhood tomorrow?  Let’s consult the map of the most popular candy by state.

The political science major in me is going to come out here.  Have you been watching the Republican and Democratic debates?  The NY Times has and they analyzed the candidates’ speaking styles and compared them to the language used in famous books.  Trump stands out as the most simple, comparative to Huck Finn and the Legends of King Arthur, while Cruz uses the most complex language and is the only Republican who uses language as complex as the Democratic candidates.  Interesting.

As you probably remember, I ran a half marathon in New York a few weeks ago.  This weekend is the big New York City Marathon!  Runners can only race if they have qualified, paid the entry fee and won the lottery for it.  Crazy.  With more than 50,000 runners, the race is the largest in the world.  It takes over the whole city, guiding participants through the five boroughs of NYC.  In preparation for the big dance, this is a cool article about how NYC made the modern marathon.

On that note, this New York native and Northeastern University student plans to knit her way through the marathon.  Yup, you read that correctly.

I was thinking about Halloween and staying home to pass out candy, rather than participating in trick-or-treating and other festivities, and it reminded me of this article:  You know you are a grown-up when… True, true and true, to all of them.

Halloween candy tastes good, PSLs taste good, let’s read about how our perceptions and senses influence how we think our food tastes.  Can packaging and presentation make food more or less appetizing?

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