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We have another dose of Friday upon us, and this one comes with a birthday!  Happiest of happy birthdays to Will today! :)  We grabbed a great (and early) breakfast this morning before work, and can’t wait to celebrate some more tonight and tomorrow!  But, while we’re here, let’s check out some link love the internet gave us this week.

sprinkle cake


Since we are celebrating birthdays over here, cake is in order.  Maybe a whole room filled with a cake maze would do?  Okay, okay, it’s not a real cake, but Cakeland looks a lot like one.

Have you ever heard Bach played live at the top of a mountain?  You should.  It is captivating beauty and adventure all together and makes me want to listen to cello music all day.

Why do we teach (and expect) girls to be scared?  I am a terribly risk averse person, but I don’t think it is because I am a female or because of my upbringing.  Being scared is not a crime, but we shouldn’t teach that fear.

I recently realized that college spring breaks are already upon us.  While I don’t have a spring break, it is always nice to fantasize about where I could be going.  If you have real travel plans (not just fantasized ones), you may want to book your plane tickets 54 days out.  Or 60 days out.  Or 45?  Do we really know?

I’m not sure where I discovered this website, but I now use Noisli almost every day.  You can mix sounds to create a good mix for relaxation or productivity.  You can make yourself feel like you are in a coffee shop or a thunderstorm.  I really do think it helps with focus and helps deter distractions.  Try it try it!

Happy Friday and happy weekending!  I hope you are up to something fun!

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