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This week has been a crazy whirlwind, and I don’t think the whirlwind is ending anytime soon.  I sometimes want to do it all, and sometimes that can be overwhelming.  I’m planning what feels like tons of events at work, trying to move – but painting every night before we can, training for a race, trying to keep good relationships, and writing this blog.  Oh, and sleep somewhere in there.  Needless to say, I have been a little stressed and short on free time lately.  I had multiple posts planned for this week, but again didn’t have time to actually follow through with them.  Next week we’ll get one up!  Next week.

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This article on being hard on yourself seems very fitting for my past few and upcoming few weeks.  Like I said, I want to do it all, I really try to do it all.  But, I know I can’t, and sometimes it is hard to come to terms with that.

We focus so much on living a healthy lifestyle, but does how we live actually make us healthier?  While changing your lifestyle may or may not prevent you from getting a disease, we also need to keep in mind and get to the root of other factors that can impact the health of populations – environmental, social, economic, etc – to really impact the health of the population on the whole.

We unexpectedly said goodbye to another celebrity yesterday. The purple loving master of pop’s death is still being investigated.  RIP, Prince.

I love the Olympics!  There is something exciting about watching the international sports competitions and the best athletes in the world play each other.  It is a unifying experience.  Everyone is cheering for their country and watching the same competitions together for days at a time.  The 2016 Summer Olympic torch was ignited yesterday in Ancient Olympia, Greece, the birthplace of the first Olympic games.  The torch will continue its journey for the next 15 weeks leading up to the opening ceremonies in August, whether or not the facilities are ready.

For those times when you want to travel to Greece or Rio (or London or Paris), but don’t have it in your budget, here are some ideas for making a night in feel like a foreign adventure.  A picture might not be as good as a trip, but it is easier on the wallet.  And if you are actually going on a foreign trip, can I fit in your suitcase?

Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 90th birthday yesterday!  My favorite quote from this article about it is probably, “The country has long speculated about when the queen will step down, though she has given no indication she will do so”.  Sorry, not sorry, Charles.

While the queen doesn’t have a birthday shindig until June (what?), we will be having birthday celebrations of our own this weekend!  Happy birthday to my fellow April birthday buds!  It’s a good month to be born :)

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