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The days of this week have me all confused. I spent Wednesday thinking it was Thursday, the first half of Thursday feeling like it was Tuesday, and the second half of Thursday thinking it was Friday. I think my work holiday parties and Will’s different schedule have thrown off my internal calendar (do we have one of those? like an internal clock for days of the week?). It has been a full, but good week and I am excited to spend one of the last weekends before Christmas (can you believe that?!) spending time doing fun activities. Our home is decorated, most of our gift shopping is done, and now we get to soak in all of the festive cheer around town! I’m so excited!

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via my study abroad trip!

Before we get started with the weekend, here is some link love to bring you through Friday.

This honest museum audio tour is hilarious and so perfect. Can we have honest museum audio tours in real life? Who do we talk to about this?

Have you seen the video for the new Amazon Go store? The concept is amazing! It seems so strange now, but I’m sure it won’t be soon. How cool would it be to not have to wait in a line? I like the employee interaction in stores like Trader Joe’s, and even some of the local shops, but this concept is so cool!

I am on the lookout for The Night Before Christmas book with pretty enough illustrations to keep out on the coffee table. So far this one and this one are winning. Your vote? I haven’t had time to check out the ones in physical book stores yet, so I’m excited to see if there are any that I like that haven’t made their way to the top of the online shop lists.

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is not near the top of my favorite Christmas songs, but this music video sung by Idina Menzel and Michael Buble is cute. The setting and character dynamic almost reminds me of a combination of Eloise and Grand Budapest Hotel.

I love the candy canes and peppermint flavors that come out this time of year, and have already made a few types of “test cookies” ;) with minty combinations, so it is no surprise to see that peppermint bark gelato caught my eye. What better way to use it than in a peppermint affogato (or maybe a milkshake)? Like panna cotta, affogato sounds fancy, but is one of the easiest desserts to make (you literally pour espresso over ice cream). This peppermint dessert might need to make its way to our table this weekend.

Happy holiday weekending! I hope you see pretty lights and greenery all around!

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