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You guys, I woke up yesterday morning and legitimately thought it was Friday. It was such a rude awakening when I realized it was only Thursday. Needless to say, this week has felt so long. I feel like I have been going in 10 different directions trying to get ready for huge work events, prepping my own travel plans, preparing for guests, and creating blog content, which has led to little sleep and more coffee than usual. On the other hand, finishing so much work has made me feel so productive! I know it isn’t sustainable, but I also have less on my plate next week, so I’m pushing through until I get there.

link love 10.13.2017

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This morning I’m taking a little time to relax and reboot with some link love from the week (and last week, since we missed that. Whoops!). I hope you have a little time to enjoy it too.

This isn’t a new video, but I just recently discovered it and thought it was so funny, and so well done! Those clever marketing people.

My sister sent this satirical article about TJ Maxx to me last week and I seriously couldn’t stop laughing. I think I read the entire article out loud so Will could hear it and laugh along with me. It is so accurate.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I am definitely more of an introvert, but what if there are more than two ways to think about this scale? What if personality wasn’t thought of as binary, but instead of as multi-faceted? I love this article about the topic and how it manifests in the workplace.

Will and I are always looking for cheap date ideas to save money while he is in grad school, but I also love brainstorming great ideas for a girl’s night or friend dates. So many of our friends are in similar positions to us, and it is always helpful to remember different budgets when we make plans together, and sometimes is a fun challenge to see what we can do without spending much (or any) money. I’m taking notes from this post and adding the ideas to my ongoing list.

This article about the gender inequality of emotional labor really resonated with me. Will does a great job of helping get things done around the house, especially when he has breaks from school and I still have to work, but I still sometimes feel the emotional labor from the ongoing checklist in my head. No matter how many times I put it on paper, that emotional labor still lingers. As a society, what do about this?

Lastly, one of my favorite links of the week is from Carly about working smarter, not just harder. Often times I think the phrase “work smarter, not harder” can be taken the wrong way, but I love her point that it’s not about the number of hours you put in; it’s the output of work you generate. On top of that, it isn’t just about the amount of work you generate, it is also about the quality. Her tips are great, and I love the idea of working while your computer has battery life, and taking a break when you need to plug it in. So smart, and so doable.

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