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I can’t believe it is already May!  I blinked and April flew right on by.

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To end the week and start the month off right, here are some of my favorite links.

This post on faking it and seeing ourselves differently than others view us.  Everyone needs a little time with someone with a different perspective.

Following that up with another deep thought and great article on the moral bucket list.  Our culture places such an importance on skills you need for career success, which are important, but aren’t the eulogy virtues ultimately more important than the resume virtues?

With so many blogs, social media channels and open forums in the vast world of the internet, there are plenty of opportunities for online scrutiny.  People post their hateful thoughts about a person, a blog, a way of thinking all the time, and why?  Who are they to judge?  Sure, those words can be hurtful to the person it is directed towards, but it is not impressive.  Hatred is loud, but kindness can overpower the noise.  I love this post from one of my long-time favorite bloggers on internet hate.

And now, let’s move on to a lighter note.  You remember the presidential fitness test you were probably required to complete in elementary or middle school?  They retired the test after the 2012-2013 school year (I had no idea!).  Why did we ever have to do that (I’m looking at you, sit and reach)?  Because Eisenhower was scared that the Swiss kids were more fit than American kids.  Truth.  Kennedy offered carrots to kids who completed it.  What a great reward!

And the always fun topic of why dreams go to die on Mondays.  I love Saturdays.

Finally, in case you are gearing up for a Kentucky Derby party, here is your Kentucky Derby fashion guide for the perfect attire (including the all-important hat placement and hat etiquette).  And, exciting news!  Don’t forget your silver cup – this year marks the first time in 18 years that the Kentucky Derby will serve real mint juleps.  Okay, okay, the race wasn’t completely julep-free, but they have been using whiskey instead of bourbon, the traditional ingredient for the drink.  The nerve.  And the difference between the two alcohols?  One is aged in new charred oak barrels (bourbon) and one is aged in used barrels (whiskey).  Picky, picky.  Start your betting! :)

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