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People have told me that today is Friday.  Every day this week has felt like a Monday, but I will happily believe them.  I’m excited to bake Christmas cookies, make holiday crafts, wrap some presents, and decorate for the holidays this weekend.  Let’s get started!

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You may have heard of a pastry artist, but have you ever heard of a cookie artist?  These makeup cookies are awesome!  The video is even cooler than the photo too!

Speaking of art, are tattoos becoming recognized as fine art? Will we see a tattoo museum sometime soon?

Unrelated:  I hate some of the millennial social media speak.  “You can finish your sentence,” is my response to “I can’t even.” Do you know what literally means? I understand that it is fun to use some hyperboles – and I am sometimes guilty of it – but at some point we need to pick up a dictionary and stop the nonsense.

Have you heard of Karl the Fog?  I feel like he invaded Chapel Hill this week.  Karl is the social media personification of the San Francisco fog.  His Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts are filled with humorous tidbits from the perspective of the SF fog and people in the area, as well as those around the world blame Karl for their fog-ruined (or enhanced) activities.  But who is behind the accounts?  Who is Karl the fog?

I have to admit, I have a few internet fangirl moments.  One of those moments was this week.  I have loved the blog “Classy Girls Wear Pearls” for years now and recently found out that she is getting married to her long time (over 15 years long time) boyfriend THIS WEEKEND!  I imagine it will be a combination of a Kennedy and Ralph Lauren wedding; the classiest of them all.  Here is an article about the ultimate preppy couple from last year, so you can fangirl (or fanboy) with me.

And last but definitely not least, if you haven’t already noticed, we’re getting ready for Christmas! Since we live in a tiny apartment, Will and I found little 3 foot tabletop tree last year and continued the tradition this year.  If you don’t have room for even a tiny tree, here are some ideas to add some Christmas tree cheer to your place.  Pro tip: you can usually find extra Christmas tree branches for free wherever Christmas trees are sold.

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