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Happy snowmageddon to my East Coast friends!  It is more like an icemageddon here.  I hope you are all staying warm, wherever you are.

link love 1.22.2016 via Pinterest

I just love the internet.  It is usually such a wonderful place to be, full of ideas and inspiration.  I know it isn’t like that everywhere, but that is where I choose to spend my browsing time. :) Here are some of the ideas from this week:

We’ll start out with the perfect link for a snow day, and for this blog:  cookies of the world.  I love the idea of making cookies from different cultures and nations, and is there any better day than a snow day?  Which should we try first?

Adele, oh Adele.  Ever wanted to have an Adele sing-along in your carpool?  Well, here you have it.

Shifting gears completely, this link is our creative bit of the day.  The 12 best paper flower artists to follow are all amazing.  With all of that creative inspiration, you want to make your own now though.  I understand and I bring you the DIY paper heart leaf philodendron (yes, I used those big flower words for you, Mum).  If a philodendron isn’t your thing, or you just want to make a paper plant you can pronounce, try one of these large paper house plants, small plants, or cardboard cacti.  I think the fiddle leaf fig tree is my favorite.

“Did you add value to the lives of the people you interacted with? Did they walk away with more knowledge, energy, goodwill, help, a better understanding? You want to make sure you communicated clearly in a way that added value for them and met goals for you.”   This article on the best pieces of advice for entrepreneurs is a great read, and not solely applicable to entrepreneurs.  It is great for anyone who strives to be a leader in their workplace or their area. 

And I’ll leave you with this article about things you should do for yourself every day.  Laugh, straighten up after yourself, bring a sweater everywhere, and my favorite piece of advice, “remind yourself that your body is not something for you or others to judge – it’s a vessel that allows you to explore the world, communicate with others, try new things, and experience new feelings.”  Now, go forth and have a great snow day!!!

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