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Happy April and happy April fools’ day!

link love 4.1.16


We all need a little harmless fun in our lives, right?  Well, maybe not the Chinese.  Too soon?  Growing up, my mom was the QUEEN of April fools pranks in our house.  We should have been expecting the short sheeted beds, colored milk and rubber bands around the faucet side sprayer in the sink, but she always got us.  And then laughed at us as we struggled.  I always liked a good cereal switch, moving the cereal bags into the wrong boxes (watch out, Will).

This blog post will make you want to visit the US West and all of the gorgeous hotels it has to offer asap.  I love The Fresh Exchange, partially because they are local (whoop whoop!) and mainly because they have great posts.  This one really excites your wanderlust – if you didn’t have the travel bug before, you might after seeing those pictures.  One of the hotels they mentioned (actually a teepee I think) was on a new-to-me hotel website that I have since been loving!  I’m probably just behind in the hotel renting world, but I have been frequenting their website just to see their awesome options!

Speaking of travel, most of New York City’s water supply travels a long way to get to the bustling city.  Most of the water in the city comes from the Catskills and can take 12 weeks to a year to get to NYC!  Crazy!

I was in another city last weekend: DC.  While I was there, we stopped by the new(ish) Milk Bar location in city center and tried the Klossies.  Klossies are a collaboration between Milk Bar founder, Christina Tosi, and supermodel, Karlie Kloss.  It was so good!  Rice n’ spice tastes like a soft gingersnap with great texture.  Tosi states that the cookies taste good and “it’s like they’re accidentally good for you.”  I’ll take more, please!

In addition to cookie creating and modeling, Karlie Kloss is also starting a coding camp for girls.  Maybe it’s because I am involved with supervising an all-female weekend-long coding competition soon, but I love this!  Even if the spelling of Kode with Karlie really bothers me, I’m glad to see more initiatives for young females in the science world.  YGG!

And a week late, but this NY Times obituary writer reports the obituary that his predecessors would have written about the death and execution of Jesus of Nazareth long ago.  The obit ends with his missing body.  Spoiler alert: he came back.

Have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend!  Report back on any great April Fools’ Day pranks you successfully completed ;)

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