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Thank you for all of the feedback on my 60 before 30 post! I am so excited for all of those fun challenges, and have already started working on a few of them!

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While January was filled with lots of travel and change, I feel good about the goals that I accomplished. I got a good start on my goal for the year – simplifying – by purging my closet of the items I don’t wear anymore and by getting back to meal planning and meal prepping. Looking ahead at my schedule for February, I feel like the short month is already so full. In order to make sure I don’t overcommit myself, one of my goals this month is to do something fun. I don’t know what that will be yet, but I’m determined to stick to that one!

January Goals
– Clean our apartment
– Purge at least one bag of things I don’t use or need
– Build in free time on our trips to make them relaxing rather than overwhelming – There was some free time on all of our trips, some more than others. I’m never good at building in time to relax on trips – I usually want to go, go go – but, I did find that down time helpful.
– Wake up early enough to enjoy a slow morning before work at least two days a week – I can’t say this one was easy, but I really enjoyed the slower mornings! I’m adding it to my February goals list and hopefully the number of slow mornings can grow in the next few months.
– Get back to meal planning – I’m so glad we got back to meal planning! It helped our grocery shopping and our evening schedules. We are implementing a new way of meal planning to make the process even simpler that I’ll share soon!

February Goals
– Celebrate a wedding and mini reunion weekend with college friends!
– Stay on track with race training (more on this later)
– Do meal prep at least two weeks of the month
– Wake up early enough to enjoy a slow morning before work at least two days a week
– Finish editing photos from Paris and post at least one Paris post
– Watch some of the Olympic medaling events!
– Complete our annual budget review
– Do something fun!

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