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January was a doozy. Good riddance, I’m happy to leave it behind. I’m hoping February will be much better. It shouldn’t be difficult. I appreciate that February is always filled with love from the very beginning, with red and pink lining the shelves of the store and chocolate, flowers, and gummies filling our carts. It’s exactly what I need right now. I know it is all fairly commercial, but it is kind of like society saying, hey, I know you just got through January, the coldest month of the year where you were inevitably trying to better yourself after the start of the new year, but don’t forget to give a little love too, and not just the tough variety. After the cold, dark, long January days of new beginnings, February feels like a familiar welcome hug.

I’m proud that I have been sticking with a lot of my yearly goals already this year, and hope to be able to continue that with my February goals. Happy love month!

January Goals:
– Finish reading Becoming by Michelle Obama – It was so good! Definitely worth a read.
– Bring dinner to friends with a new baby!
– Take at least one photo of everyday life each week
– Backup my computer, delete photos I don’t need/want, and make room for new photos
– Go to one place in the Triangle that we haven’t been before – Ran out of time for this one
– Road trip to Nashville for a weekend
– Apply for the CSEP exam
– Do (at least) one strength-training exercise a week
– Spend quality time with friends

February Goals:
– Celebrate the life of my Papa with love
– Take purged items from our closet to the thrift store
– Apply for CSEP exam
– Do (at least) one strength-training exercise a week
– Complete my “Good Time Journal” exercise each week in the Designing Your Life workbook
– Restock small basic clothing items (i.e. black ankle socks)
– Get reusable ziplock bags
– Finalize and submit our residency match ranking list (!)
– Visit Will’s sister in Auburn

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