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Happy September! The temperatures are still in the 90s, but I am excitedly gearing up for fall, even if the cool weather won’t come for another month.

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As summer comes to a close, I’m already putting together my fall fun list and maybe even baking a few pumpkin goodies. All for blog recipe research, of course ;) I am very much a planner by nature (and by trade), but despite always wanting to plan ahead, I try my hardest to live in the moment. Fall is my favorite season though, and I am of the mindset that if it makes me so happy and joyful, embracing fall early may be even better than living in the neverending-North-Carolina-heat-of-the-summer moment :) So, almost fall it is!

August Goals
Go on a date with Will (his clinical schedule sometimes makes time together limited, so this will have to be more intentional than usual)One one of Will’s only Saturday’s off we went on a morning bike ride around some of the new greenways in our area, ended up at a farmers’ market where we picked up baked goods, then stopped at a coffee shop in the woods to enjoy a hot drink on our way back home. It was bliss.
Drink at least 90 ounces of water a dayI did this on weekdays, and did pretty well on weekends, but had a harder time keeping track without my large water bottle to measure.
Exercise 4x per week, despite heat and rainYes – I even started running early in the morning a few days a week to beat the heat.
No Instagram after 10:00 p.m.I think I only caved once, so I’m calling this a success!
Post about trip to Denver – See it here! And see Chicago here!
Make plan for DIY bedskirtMade a plan for the pattern and measured to figure out how much fabric we need. Now I need to get the fabric and actually make it.
– Declutter our bedroom – I cleaned and got rid of a few things in my closet, but I wouldn’t say I “decluttered”
– Start working on Triangle guides – Made it to one new place in the Triangle that I have been wanting to try, but didn’t actually start working on any guides.
Cook seasonal dinners at least 4x per weekYes, almost every night!
Narrow down Will’s residency application locations together We narrowed it down a bit and set another date to narrow it down even further if needed.

September Goals
– Narrow down residency application list with Will
– Celebrate Will’s residency application submission
– Exercise 4x per week
– Wake up early to exercise before work at least 1x per week
– Run, bike, or walk with Will
– Only buy coffee 1x or less per week
– Spend quality time with friends and family
– Drink 90 oz water every day
– Write down specific ways that I destress and practice them
– Work on exercises from at least the first three chapters of Designing Your Life

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