Leftover Halloween Candy Recipe Roundup

Each year many of us face the leftover halloween candy dilemma. We have extra Halloween candy that trick-or-treaters didn’t finish up the night before and are faced with the decision to keep it out for ourselves to eat, or figure out how to get rid of it so it doesn’t taunt us every time we open the pantry. We typically do some combination and keep a few of our favorites, but throw the rest of the leftover candy in a baked treat to bring to coworkers and friends so we can share the wealth. With all of my October travels this year, I didn’t get around to creating a new recipe for leftover Halloween candy, but I’m excited for the chance to recreate some of my favorites from the past. If you are in the same quandary, check out these great post-Halloween treats to use up your leftover candy! Bonus if you grab the on sale candy after the holiday for a fun Halloween candy charcuterie-style board with friends.

M&M and Reese’s Swirled Sea Salt Cookies

Brown Butter Blondie Dark Chocolate Brownie Candy Swirl Bars

Loaded Peanut Butter Cookie Bars

Halloween Chocolate Candy Bark

DIY S’mores tray with leftover chocolate candy

Chocolate Bark Halloween Brownies

Peanut Butter Nutella Candy Bar Brownie

Candy “Charcuterie” Board

Last two photos from How Sweet Eats and HonestlyYUM.

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