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This whole week it has felt like fall and sweater weather then, boom.  Today feels like a warm spring day.  What happened, weather?  While I like October to feel cool and crisp, I can’t deny that it is beautiful outside.  Let’s get out there and enjoy Friday, shall we?

link love 10-23-2015

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And here are this week’s links to love, for your reading pleasure:

The 8th Harry Potter story is coming out…as a play!  It will premiere in London next year.  COME TO AMERICA, HARRY!

These photographs show the unfortunate truth of how most of us live – locked to our phones.  With technology edited out of the pictures it displays how separated we have become from the people and places that surround us.

I recently attended a work event where we served breakfast to attendees.  One of the attendees, who just moved to North Carolina from New Jersey this year, noted that one of his favorite things about living in the South now is that there are biscuits at breakfast.  To the two of us southerners around him, this sounded strange.  What do they serve at breakfast in New Jersey?  Apparently pancakes, no biscuits in sight.  This was so novel to us haha.  Growing up, my dad made homemade biscuits for breakfast every Saturday morning and I never thought anything of it until the New Jersey native made a comment.  We have lots of opportunities to grab biscuits down here, but for anyone outside of the South, here is the NY Times guide to the best biscuit in NYC.  You’re welcome.

As a lover of food, cooking, baking and recipe reading, I think this article on how recipes have and are still changing is so interesting.  I took a class on food in American culture in college and one of our units was on community cookbooks.  If we think about it in today’s modern culture, the community cookbook that was once filled with recipes from church women is now almost being replaced by food bloggers who provide themed round ups citing other food bloggers (like this virtual pumpkin party).  Some recipes from my grandmothers’ cookbooks don’t include instructions, just lists of ingredients.  Some of the recipes include ingredients and instructions but no measurements.  Nowadays we include every detail in a recipe, not only of how to make the food, but of how it will look along the way too to help out the many home bakers.  I think the evolution of the recipe is fascinating.

And lastly, back on the technology note, let’s read a book.  Not a screen, but a paper book.  This article on a research-based literacy method shows that it is still good for kids to have paper books and time in class to read them.  Let’s do it.  Let’s increase literacy.

Have a happy Friday and a fabulous weekend!

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