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Pie Roundup and Tips | Pass the CookiesCan you believe we are in the single digits for our countdown to Thanksgiving?! With only 8 days to go, we are right in the thick of planning and prep time. One part of the Thanksgiving feast that can be made ahead of time or at the very last minute are the desserts. Many desserts keep well in the fridge or freezer, or can be assembled and baked easily the day before or the day of the big meal, making them a great course to start prepping when you can’t start on anything else, or to finish on when you need something to turn out well in the midst of the scramble to finish the sides. Even if you are not hosting Thanksgiving this year you can help out. Pies travel easily and take some stress off the host, who is likely elbow-deep in a bird – offer to bring dessert. Easy as pie, right? ;)

Though “easy as pie” can be a misnomer, there are some easy and delicious pie recipes that even the novice baker can accomplish. Bake it in a pretty pie plate and wrap it with a dish towel and you have your contribution to the meal and your hostess gift all in one! Multitasking is the way to go this time of the year. To take some stress off the host/hostess, the novice baker, and even the experienced pie maker, I have gathered pie recipes of all varieties. Fruit pies, chocolate pies, nut pies, pumpkin pies, modern takes on classic pies, you name it, we have it here in our thanksgiving pie roundup. You can even use store bought crusts if you don’t want to deal with homemade pie crust – I won’t tell (but please get Pillsbury; the store brand crusts are no good).

Pie Roundup and Tips | Pass the Cookies

Pie Tips and Tricks
Before we get to the recipes, let’s start out with some tips from master pie bakers. The two biggest tips across the board: use very cold butter and don’t overmix your dough. Cold butter and shaggy dough are your friends here.

  • Sprinkle any prepared fruit (cut apples, peaches, etc.) with sugar and let them sit for a few minutes. Then drain off any juice that runs. This will avoid a soggy crust. — Saveur
  • Baking your pie on the bottom rack will ensure that bottom crust gets nice and golden brown. — Bon Appétit
  • A wash is essential to give pies a burnished crust. — Martha Stewart To find the picture perfect wash for your pie, check out the photos in the link.
  • Joy the Baker is one of my go-to’s for pie making tips. She takes us through the steps to make the perfect all-butter pie crust (as opposed to using shortening, or a combination of fats to make the dough).
  • Martha Stewart’s pate brisee is one of my all-time favorite pie crust recipes. It is buttery and simple, which makes it great for any pie you might make this holiday season.

Pie Roundup and Tips | Pass the CookiesPie Designs
Now that we know how to make a perfect pie crust, let’s learn how to make the pretty designs to make your pie the envy of the dessert table.

We know how to make pie crust, how to pretty up our pies, now let’s get the pie recipes so we can get started in the kitchen!

Pie Roundup and Tips | Pass the Cookies

Fruit Pies

Pie Roundup and Tips | Pass the Cookies

Pumpkin Pies

Pie Roundup and Tips | Pass the Cookies

Chocolate, Nut and Other Miscellaneous Pies

So, which pies are you making this holiday season?

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