how to create a great fall care package

While gifts is not my love language, sometimes I think one of the ways I enjoy loving on other people most is by giving small gifts. One of my favorite ways to let people know they are loved and on my mind is to send a care package.

How to Create a Great Fall Care Package | Pass the Cookies |

Because care packages are a bit more time consuming and costly than sending a text, I don’t send them too often, but each time I love putting them together. Ever since my sister started college at an out of state school, I have tried to send at least one a year. When Will’s sister left for another out of state school, we continued the annual fall care package for both sisters. With so many seasonal items in the stores and pumpkin treats galore, Fall is such a fun time to put together a fun and thoughtful care package. I switch up the items every time, but I do tend to stick to a formula of sorts.

How to Create a Great Fall Care Package | Pass the Cookies |

To me, the main goal of a care package is to let the recipient know that they are loved and that someone is thinking of them (hence the word “care”). I want to be able to make a hard week better, to make them feel like they have a friend when they are lonely, to provide a fun surprise, even during a good week, to celebrate them for a birthday, an accomplishment, an exciting announcement, or, in this case, a changing season. If I can bring a little joy to their day, the care package has done its job.

a homemade treat
Pumpkin bread for everyone! This time of year, pumpkin bread is my go-to baked good (it only takes one bowl and makes multiple mini loaves) because it is seasonal and delicious. Make this one, or omit the crumble and add chocolate chips.

a seasonal packaged treat
This could be Halloween Oreos, pumpkin coffee, candy corn, or in this case, fall-colored Peanut M&Ms. Have fun in the seasonal section of Trader Joe’s (the GOAT for pumpkin goods), grocery store, or Target to find these goodies.

small fall decorations
I love scouring the kitchen towel section of Home Goods this time of year. Small items like pumpkin emblazoned kitchen towels, wine bottle stoppers topped with leaves, football bunting, halloween paper goods, and turkey coasters can be such a great surprise and are items that people don’t always buy for themselves.

a fun wearable
When people hear “wearable” they think of technology. I think a wearable is way more broad. Earrings, nail polish, socks, a hat, temporary tattoos, all of these are “wearables” in my book. I like to include one of these items in my care packages as something the recipient can wear and know that someone is thinking about them each time they do. This is not about credit, but rather about giving a virtual hug and letting a loved one know that someone loves and cares for them, even when they can’t be together.

a note
I think a note should be included in every care package. It can be a short and sweet “thinking of you” card, or a full letter to catch up with the person. Postcards can be a great size for this, and it is fun to use these, or even just cardstock cut to a smaller size.

What else do you include in your care packages?

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