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Happy April! April is my favorite month of the year – the temperatures are finally warm, flowers and trees are blooming, and my birthday rounds out the month perfectly ;)

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After what seems like a longer winter than usual, I’m so excited to finally have some spring weather. Sometimes I don’t even realize it until spring arrives, but the warmer weather, longer days, and colorful blooming plants all really improve my mood. I just want to be outside all the time! I always feel like the start of spring and changing season is a great time to reevaluate and set new goals too. I’m excited for April, and for all it has in store (hopefully a lot of time outside!)!

March Goals
– Celebrate Will’s birthday! – Yay, 26!
Cut sugar for one week (I have gotten into a bad habit of wanting something sweet daily). – I did this the week before my marathon.
– Wake up early enough to enjoy a slow morning before work at least two days a week. “Slow morning” meaning I have at least 15 minutes of free time before/after getting ready for the day. – This was rough after daylight savings time hit, but definitely got better throughout the month! For the last two weeks I added “slow a.m.” to each day of my agenda, which was a great reminder and made it much easier to track. I loved these slow mornings and will definitely be adding this to my goals list again.
– Run a marathon!!! Eek! I’m so excited and so nervous about this one, but I have done my best to train for it over the past few months. – Yay, yay, yay! I did it! I ran a marathon! Of all of my goals, monthly, yearly, and long-term, this is one of the ones that I am most proud to accomplish!
– Enjoy our weekend in D.C. – Our weekend in D.C. was so wonderful and so much fun! I kicked it off with the marathon and we were able to spend time with lots of family and friends.
– Do core strengthening exercises at least twice a week. Because I have been focusing on running lately, I haven’t been very good at incorporating other exercises. I know core strengthening will help prevent injuries and improve my balance while running and while going about my days. – I didn’t do this before I ran my marathon on the 10th, but I’m considering it a success because I added 2-3 days of toning exercises a week after that, which was more than half the month.
– Post the rest of our Paris pictures. – See part I, part II, and part III!
– Do less Instagram scrolling. There are so many other things I could be doing, but I have gotten into the habit of checking Instagram whenever I am on the bus, walking home, or waiting for something (i.e. water to boil, bus to arrive, etc.). I know I could be more productive if I wasn’t directing my attention to the app. – I may have scrolled a bit less, but overall, I wouldn’t consider this one a success. Adding it to the list again this month.
– Print and frame photos from Paris. – Bonus, I hung two of them too!
– Get in bed by 11:00 pm four nights a week. I would love to add “get more sleep” to this list of goals, but I’m going to start small with the task of just getting in bed. If this is successful, maybe next month we can graduate to actually getting more sleep ;) – I accomplished getting in bed by 11 most nights a week, but definitely wasn’t near asleep. Since this went well, I’m hoping to do even better this month and actually get more sleep!

April Goals
– Continue to stick to a workout routine that makes me feel good with toning and running (maybe add biking back to this as the weather gets nicer!)
– Take weekly walks
– Plant herbs and veggies
– Finish our back patio area
– Celebrate my birthday! :)
– Get in bed by 10:45 p.m. and get to sleep by 11:15 p.m. (not just in bed) four nights a week
– Do less Instagram scrolling
– Do something or try somewhere new!

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