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Long time no see. Recently it seems that each time I sit down to write one of these monthly goals posts the world has shifted again. So much has happened in the last three months that it is difficult to know what a “normal” day, week, or month is anymore. I have to admit that while my monthly goals typically keep me moving forward on personal projects and growth, some of them have taken a backseat during this quarantined time at home, and some have emerged as a way to keep myself busy. In the past few weeks, I have had time to reevaluate what is pressing and important right now given the Black Lives Matter movement and civil unrest around the country. In a continued effort to learn, listen, and help the movement make progress, I have added some monthly goals specifically around these efforts. I have pulled a lot of resources from the internet and from Instagram and am looking forward to educating myself and hopefully helping to make a difference in the short term and in the long term.

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May Goals
– Finish two books – Not even close. I started multiple in the library app, but they were automatically returned before I had the chance to finish them because other people had them on hold. While the library app is great for saving money on books, it hasn’t been the easiest method for me to finish reading them.
– Finish an embroidery project and start another – Check and check!
– Update 60 before 30 list and post additional progress now that another birthday has passed – I did spend time updating this list, but I obviously didn’t post it here. I’m giving myself half credit since the update took a good bit of effort.
– Continue to be creative about our meals and use 90% of items in the fridge before they go bad, including leftovers (I updated this to 90% instead of 100% because there are plenty of condiments, pickled items, sauces, etc that will last for a long time and we don’t need to use up quickly).
– Support small/local businesses. Originally I was going to put a certain number of times a week or a total number of times for the month, but it may be better to provide a larger amount of support fewer times. We have a few favorite local businesses that we have been buying from about once a week, but we’ll have to figure out exactly what this looks like this month. – Bought pastries and bread from our favorite local bakery and dinner from another local restaurant.
– Try recipes from new cookbooks I received for my birthday – We tried at least four new recipes from these books and they were all delicious! Three were from Ottolenghi Simple and one was from Eat What You Want. Both have been great cookbooks so far!
– Make Will’s vacation days feel special even though we had to cancel our vacation plans :( (Because he is a resident, vacation days are assigned in one or two week chunks. These weeks were assigned last June and with the complicated matrix of everyone’s schedules that need to fit together for coverage reasons, they can’t be adjusted to use at a different time.)
– Take advantage of and enjoy some seasonal fruit. I so wish we could get fresh farmers’ market strawberries, but I’ll still be very happy with ripe ones from the grocery store. – We did have some strawberries, but the watermelon stole the show. It was still a little early in the season, but it was so delicious!
– Make a new baked good item – Hmm, I’m not sure I made a new baked good, but I re-made these Earl Grey shortbread cookies (one of my favorites), and a ginger cookie recipe from a favorite restaurant back in NC.

June Goals
– Purchase and start reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
– Listen to the full 1619 podcast (there are only 6 episodes)
– Listen to Pod Save the People
– Listen to episodes from RadioLab and More Perfect about Supreme Court cases that have changed or impacted our justice system, police actions, and racism in America. I started listening to More Perfect a few years ago and and find the episodes to be so interesting and well done.
– Watch Just Mercy (it is free during the month of June) and 13th
– Sign petitions (I have been doing this on a case by case basis) and contact my local councilman about allocating more of the Metro Nashville budget to public schools, public park upkeep in low-income areas, and social programs, rather than to the police department.
– Post additional 60 before 30 list updates progress since last year
– Decide on new pillows for the second bedroom. The current ones worked well in our last place, but the light is different in this room and they feel icy and cold. Since I spend so much time in there now while I’m working from home, it has given me the push to find replacements to warm up the room and make it feel more welcoming.
– Try a new recipe
– Celebrate our anniversary and one year in Nashville!

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