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Oh what a time we’re living in. I had every intention of posting these May goals right at the beginning of the month, then huge storms and winds roared through and took out our internet for a week. I have to say, being alone at home all day every day with no internet really makes you shift your normal routine and get creative about your hobbies haha. I was very glad to have new books and my embroidery materials with projects already in the works. Here’s hoping the rest of the month is less eventful!

2020 May Goals |

Before we get to May goals, here is a review of my April goals. Since we didn’t start quarantining until mid-March, April was the first month we spent entirely at home. Unlike March, we knew we would be at home for all of April, so my April goals reflect that a bit better than the previous month. As we continue this in May, many of my goals are similar, or focused on making additional progress on things.

April Goals
– Continue to be intentional about Lent
– Find ways to make Easter special, despite quarantine and Will’s schedule (he’ll be on night shifts) – Made a delicious brunch complete with homemade smoked gouda pimento cheese and biscuits and watched church services online
– Start a new creative project. I haven’t decided what this will be yet, but I’m vacillating between a painting, an embroidery project, or a new needlepoint design. – Started a new embroidery project and it has been so enjoyable and relaxing!
– FaceTime or talk with family or friends at least once a week.
– Be creative with our meals and use all of our leftovers and ingredients before they go bad. We are pretty good at doing this already, but inevitably have a few forgotten containers of leftovers that turn moldy in the back of the fridge. While we have limited grocery runs I want to be even more intentional about using things well and not wasting. I think this can teach us good lessons to use long term too. – I think we’ve done a good job of this. It helps that we really get down to the dregs by the end of three weeks without going to the grocery store ;)
– Finish reading at least one book – Finished one and started two others through the library app, but they returned automatically before I could finish them.
– Make hard copy versions of our favorite/go-to recipes to keep in our recipe box

May Goals
– Finish two books
– Finish an embroidery project and start another
– Update 60 before 30 list and post additional progress now that another birthday has passed
– Continue to be creative about our meals and use 90% of items in the fridge before they go bad, including leftovers (I updated this to 90% instead of 100% because there are plenty of condiments, pickled items, sauces, etc that will last for a long time and we don’t need to use up quickly).
– Support small/local businesses. Originally I was going to put a certain number of times a week or a total number of times for the month, but it may be better to provide a larger amount of support fewer times. We have a few favorite local businesses that we have been buying from about once a week, but we’ll have to figure out exactly what this looks like this month.
– Try recipes from new cookbooks I received for my birthday
– Make Will’s vacation days feel special even though we had to cancel our vacation plans :( (Because he is a resident, vacation days are assigned in one or two week chunks. These weeks were assigned last June and with the complicated matrix of everyone’s schedules that need to fit together for coverage reasons, they can’t be adjusted to use at a different time.)
– Take advantage of and enjoy some seasonal fruit. I so wish we could get fresh farmers’ market strawberries, but I’ll still be very happy with ripe ones from the grocery store.
– Make a new baked good item

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