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I’m torn.  I’m glad today is Friday, but I have to work all day tomorrow, so it’s not really Friday in a sense.  I love fall but we had some weird warm front this week and it doesn’t feel like November at all.  And lastly, I can’t wait to start thinking about and preparing for Christmas, but it is November 6th, so I also think those preparations need to chill for another few weeks.  But I’m so ready.  Sorry, Thanksgiving – we love you too, really, you’re just not as festive.

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For now, here is some link love for the week!

I find this article about apple picking so funny and eye-opening.  Would people come to my desk on the weekends dressed in business casual to take instagrams?  Nope.  But we will do it to other professions, for example, apple and strawberry picking.  I’m guilty of this, but I will say that I have never seen employees of the farms picking while I was there and, I did get the apple cider, just like they hoped I would.  In a way always I thought we were helping the farms by paying them to pick what they wouldn’t sell in stores? Maybe? Maybe not?

Keeping with the subject of food, multiple people have mentioned this article to me this week.  I think it’s a sign that it is fit for some link love.  Bread, grains and flours – so interesting. Maybe that is just the food nerd in me.

I came across some photos from the National Geographic Photo Contest this week and can’t wait to see more!  I love photographs, and the subjects, landscapes, lighting and stories these photographers capture are so incredible.

Speaking of art, this woman’s Etsy shop is awesome!  Her shop is closed right now but scroll through her photos here.  So much embroidery!  Back in the day, I used to do embroidery and needlepoint and have recently gotten back into it, ever so slowly.  It is relaxing and wish I had more time to do it, but little by little is better than nothing!

While we are still on the subject of women and art, I love these life lessons from Frida Kahlo.  Embrace what makes you special.  Live with color!  We can all learn a bit from Frida.

Moving from one woman to many women, this article, while an old one, is an interesting comparison of how unemployed men and women spend their days, and how those activities differ.  I found some of the results unexpected.  It ties to the map of where working women are most common.  It is intriguing to see how culture, type of work and living situations in different parts of the country might have an impact on women vs. men in the workforce.

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